My Message for Senator Sotto

To Senator Vicente Castelo “Tito” Sotto III:

I am deeply disappointed with your recent actions in your fight against the passage and implementation of the RH Bill. Not only am I against your stand and belief, but I am also against with your recent actions, most specifically the plagiarism issue and the way that you and your staff have handled the issue. This message also goes to your staff.

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Pass the RH Bill

The Reproductive Health Bill has been causing a lot of fuss in the Philippines lately. The Church and other supporters of them say that RH should be trashed while some Filipinos consider RH as a Bill that needs to be passed so as to rid this country of some of its problems. I’m one of those who say RH should be passed.

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The Church and its Beliefs

As someone who was never on a non-Catholic school, I have been lectured by this and that – saying that abortion is wrong or being homosexual was wrong and it’s wrong to contradict the Church and its teachings. However, Social Studies and Values weren’t totally gone from my system and I learned to become realistic – accepting reality and to learn how to bend the rules sometimes.
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