Glee: The Music, Journey to Regionals EP (Review)

Glee: The Music, Journey to Regionals is an extended play that features songs which were performed by the Glee cast during Glee’s season finale. I have to say, I like their song choices this week and I think that this EP is better than Showstoppers. The problem with the Back 9 episodes is that it’s uninteresting and that the most pleasing episode so far with great songs is The Power of Madonna episode which also released an awesome EP.

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American Idol Top 11 Takes Billboard #1s!

AI Season 9’s Top 11 took on Billboard No. 1 Hits. Looks like this week was the first week that the contestants had a mentor. Usually, mentors are like super amazing since they have the experience and shiz, but this one’s different. It’s – SURPRISE! – Miley Cyrus. The Disney zit who can’t sing a damn note.  She pretty much gives every contestant the usual advice a generic teacher can give. A terrible mentor can result to the most terrible episode yet! To think that this week is an important week if they wanna join the Summer Tour! Clearly, all of them gave mediocre performances. Well? What do you expect? Miley Cyrus mentored them. Clearly, she made all these contestants like her – a trainwreck. Miley Cyrus made this episode of Idol the most VFTW! Worthy. Thus, VFTW bows down to Queen Miley.
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