An Open Letter to Ricky Lo for his Awkward Interview with Anne Hathaway

Ricky Lo, you are a disgrace to this country after having this interview. Your enunciation was the least of your problems, to be honest, because I understand the “Filipino” accent. What was preposterous is how you formulated your questions and how you asked Ms. Anne Hathaway those same questions without even reviewing if they are indeed constructive and professional.

To open your interview, you had a weight loss question and how she gained it back? Please tell me how relevant this is, and how this does not attack Anne Hathaway. This opening question clearly tells us that this interview is going to end up really bad. I expected something better coming out from your mouth, but I guess the first question definitely set the bar in the following series of questions being asked.

It’s awful how you constantly stitched Lea Salonga’s name to her. I understand that you have to throw in a Lea question, but did you even have to repeat it? Lea Salonga is undoubtedly amazing, but we are talking about Anne Hathaway here. Broadway and film are two very separate things. Why did you have to show Anne Hathaway your dire need to constantly attach a “Filipino” name to an international entity?

Apart from those things, you also asked A LOT of personal questions. This interview was meant to be professional – a way to entice viewers to watch the film. This wasn’t a Getting-To-Know Anne Hathaway interview. This was about her experience as Fantine. Those questions were very personal, and Anne really did look annoyed and uncomfortable as you continued to press the personal questions.

You also gave comments that were clearly out-of-line and not suited to the said interview. It was very clear that you didn’t watch the film nor do you know the gist of the story at all, and you just rode with what she said. You are a clueless bigot babbling things that ought not to be said.

I think every viewer noticed the annoyance of Anne Hathaway as she remarked how she was done with that question, and how some questions were getting a bit personal. She even mentioned that you should be the one enticing the Filipinos, and that clueless look you gave was enough to tell her you were GODDAMN AWFUL. She clearly expected more from a journalist who was granted a short exclusive interview with her.

Seriously, I could have done a better interview. As a journalist, you are despicable. As a journalist, you should have been more knowledgeable, tactful and a little more enticing. You are representing the characteristics of an ignorant Filipino (which comprises the majority of the populace). What are these characteristics? Desire for international recognition, prying over other people’s privacy, and using one’s mouth first before thinking. What a mess this awkward interview is.

Despicable. You just showed Anne Hathaway why she should never have an interview with a Filipino journalist ever. Fuck you. Fuck this interview. This is plain bullshit. -_-


Of Famewhores and Social Networking

The Information Superhighway known as the Internet has been accessible to people worldwide. It is, in fact, the easiest way to tap people and know a lot of things worldwide. However, there are just those people who abuse this useful gift for their personal consumption. One problem the internet has is the rampant FAMEWHORING. What is famewhoring? Well, it’s doing a whole lot of stuff just for FAME. All of the time, these famewhores are even identifying themselves as “celebrities” which is just plain ridiculous.

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What is Pinoy Pride?

Filipinos have been using the term “Pinoy Pride” over the past few years. When one views it in a way, it means bringing pride to the Filipino nation because someone has represented it internationally. It can also mean having the Philippines get noticed internationally. With the recent usage of the term, it is no doubt one of the most pathetic lines a Filipino can mention in public – may it be on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.┬áLet’s have some examples, shall we? Continue reading

My Message for Senator Sotto

To Senator Vicente Castelo “Tito” Sotto III:

I am deeply disappointed with your recent actions in your fight against the passage and implementation of the RH Bill. Not only am I against your stand and belief, but I am also against with your recent actions, most specifically the plagiarism issue and the way that you and your staff have handled the issue. This message also goes to your staff.

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Disappointment – How to Deal

It’s that moment when you literally do everything you could do just to achieve something, just to succeed. There comes the judgment day and then you literally get disappointed at the results. You were hoping for more; you were expecting for more. It makes you wonder whether you were really made for this or not. You fully know your capabilities, and you surely aren’t overestimating yourself, but to be honest, why do things like these occur? Continue reading