Born This Way: Album Review (Track by Track)

Mother Monster Lady Gaga releases her third album and it’s bound to aim high in the charts worldwide. Whilst I found her album to be awesome, the cover art is just horrible. It’s like elementary photoshop. Take a picture of the motorcycle, place Gaga’s head in front and replace the bars with her arms and voila! You’ve got yourself a cover art. The cover art is just underwhelming and terrible.

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Lady Gagita’s Alejandro!

After a Telephone breakthrough, Lady Gagita has finished creating his Alejandro Parody. Another solid win for Lady Gagita. Lady Gagita, who rose to fame together with Haronce, has been to known to publish parody videos of Lady Gaga. Of course, Haronce is the director of this Alejandro video. Watch the vid after the cut. Without further ado, I bring you Gagita in Alejandro. 😀

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Arguably, one of the weak tracks off her album “The Fame Monster,” but the music video version has so much to tell. Another masterpiece from the Lady of Pop who has revolutionized American Music. The incomparable Lady Gaga has yet again released another music video that’ll blow your socks off.

The gays were awesome in the video. The choreography, their uniforms along with their hairstyles, the drama. All were great!

Alejandro is  like soft-core porn with a touch of glam that has Christian things that were quite paying homage to Madonna’s Like a Prayer. Speaking of the Christian things, I’m thinking the ‘illuminati’ reports or those ‘lady gaga is satanic’ articles would pop up after watching this video. I’d also expect the “Christians” to complain about certain things like eating the Rosary and the like. Although, I have no problem with the video. After watching the video, I was like. 😮  O_O. You get the picture. :))
Job well done, Gaga.

Stop reading my crap and just go watch it here:

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