Katy Perry – Teenage Dream (Album Review)

Debuting on Number 1 at the US and UK Charts, the sophomore album of pop singer Katy Perry offers a quirky yet mature vibe from her. Definitely the album of summer, Katy delivers it effortlessly with chart-topping songs. Despite negative reviews from music critics around, there’s one thing they all agreed on – compared to One of the Boys, this album is definitely better.

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Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream (Music Video)!

Katy Perry’s second single off her sophomore album offers a very-much natural, emotional vibe. It’s not surprising that the music video offers the same thing too.

In the video, Katy Perry comes out with less makeup. She just proved that she doesn’t really need makeup because she’s still beautiful even without it. If California Gurls was all tutti-fruity, Teenage Dream is more natural and euphoric. Katy gets lucky with Josh Kloss. :) )

California Gurls Music Video!

Katy Perry hits high as she releases the music video of the unofficial summer tune California Gurls. It’s not the usual beach party scenery, but instead it’s Wonderland-inspired. It’s not California, but it’s Candyfornia. As the woman who criticized Alejandro for being blasphemous, Katy has this fun vibe in her video. The bright colors and costumes certainly make up what Katy really is.

The song’s fun and no wonder it reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100. Snoop added some flavor and Katy’s personality just seems to blend in with the catchy tunes.

See the video here: