Disappointment – How to Deal

It’s that moment when you literally do everything you could do just to achieve something, just to succeed. There comes the judgment day and then you literally get disappointed at the results. You were hoping for more; you were expecting for more. It makes you wonder whether you were really made for this or not. You fully know your capabilities, and you surely aren’t overestimating yourself, but to be honest, why do things like these occur? Continue reading


What I’ve Missed Out.

I define myself as someone who’s negative in every way. A pessimist to be exact. I am the one who sees no hope in this world. I am the one who thinks everything would certainly not work out right. I am the one who says a lot of not’s. Somehow, I missed something out.
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Failure and Success

After watching Meet The Robinsons, I got inspired. Really, this film has inspirational messages.

At a part of the film, it says “Congratulations for Failing”. I mean, why would they congratulate a person for failing? Then a person said “You learn many things from failure, in success, not much.” Well, I must agree. For Failures, we learn to strive hard and that is why their motto “Keep Moving Forward” was made. In failure, we discover many things. It also trains our minds. Failure is the next step towards success. In succeeding, all we have is the sign of relief. We feel glad for completing these things. But I’m, not encouraging you to keep failing but to keep moving forward when this occurs. Take “Cornelius”. He kept on moving forward then he succeeded. Yeay!