Finding the Filipino Identity.

As a Filipino who has had a front-row ticket to almost everything that the Philippines has gone through for the past decade, I can genuinely say that the Filipinos are not the Filipinos they claim to be. Continue reading


Of Famewhores and Social Networking

The Information Superhighway known as the Internet has been accessible to people worldwide. It is, in fact, the easiest way to tap people and know a lot of things worldwide. However, there are just those people who abuse this useful gift for their personal consumption. One problem the internet has is the rampant FAMEWHORING. What is famewhoring? Well, it’s doing a whole lot of stuff just for FAME. All of the time, these famewhores are even identifying themselves as “celebrities” which is just plain ridiculous.

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What is Pinoy Pride?

Filipinos have been using the term “Pinoy Pride” over the past few years. When one views it in a way, it means bringing pride to the Filipino nation because someone has represented it internationally. It can also mean having the Philippines get noticed internationally. With the recent usage of the term, it is no doubt one of the most pathetic lines a Filipino can mention in public – may it be on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.┬áLet’s have some examples, shall we? Continue reading