The Church and its Beliefs

As someone who was never on a non-Catholic school, I have been lectured by this and that – saying that abortion is wrong or being homosexual was wrong and it’s wrong to contradict the Church and its teachings. However, Social Studies and Values weren’t totally gone from my system and I learned to become realistic – accepting reality and to learn how to bend the rules sometimes.
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Inspiring words

I just heard these inspiring words

from the TV Show “Pinoy Dream Academy”. Gary Valenciano said these inspiring words. “You sing because you want to sing, you perform because you want to perform” Those words were really cool. They touched me. So, when the opportunity comes, you don’t need to refuse or give mediocre results. Give it your best! When the opportunity comes, GRAB IT! Also, don’t be a trying-hard person. Just be yourself. You don’t need to be somebody else. “My Best”