This is the time that I’ll be closing this blog. This blog is an old part of me that I wish to forget and bury.

The story behind Stonegrenades is simple. It’s a lyric of a pop ballad meshed into one. Stone mainly because of the fact that I was as hard as stone and Grenades because my words were like bombs that exploded. I’ve posted countless stuff in here that ranged from topics of love, politics, current events and even private letters.

This blog has a lot of memories, a lot of stuff that will have me smiling for the rest of the years, but now I choose to close this chapter of my life. This is a part of me that I choose to close now as I try to change things for the better. I’m not saying that this blog was the worst. All I’m saying is that there are some things I have to put to rest.

I’m no longer as thick-skinned and hard-headed and stubborn as a stone. I’m not as explosive as grenades anymore. I feel much lighter and subtle than before. I’m no longer “stonegrenades”

I’ll still be writing but on a different platform, on a different avenue, on a different tone.

Thank you and goodbye, stonegrenades.


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