The Lost Christmas Spirit

When I was a kid, I anticipated the coming of September because it signified that the -Ber months were already here. Of course, by the -ber months, I actually meant that the Christmas season was actually starting; neighbors would start putting up their Christmas decorations on their homes, radios would start playing Christmas tunes, TV stations would start showing Christmas-themed shows, and stores would start selling Christmas merchandise like trees, series and snowflake stickers.

Fast forward to the present day, there’s a very evident disparity. Even if we’d already reached December, there still isn’t the same Christmas spirit that we used to have before. Christmas trees are widespread, but it’s only up to that. I guess some of us are too preoccupied to think of anything else, and that Christmas is no longer but a special season that would pass.

I don’t know, though. I think it’s just me who just grew up with the seasons or the world itself hasn’t thought of Christmas the same way it used to think of a few years ago. Maybe, just maybe we’d relive it even if we’ve already figured out that Santa doesn’t exist or if we haven’t found someone to kiss under the mistletoe.

It’s just sad, though, that Christmas was supposed to be the happiest season of the year. Now, it’s just something that pops out and exits out of the blue. Hopefully, we’d find meaning in Christmas again as it is a season for us to be thankful and to give back to the people we love.


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