People Changing because of “LOVE”

Relationships are a peculiar thing. Perhaps, what makes them most peculiar is that they are mostly founded with Love – a force that is so powerful that it causes a lot of strange things to happen sometimes for the best and other times for the worst. It is inevitable, though, that people do change because of love may it be in an official relationship or not. It’s love that binds them to change their character and eradicate who they once were.

I guess we could all blame it to the act that a person wants to please his lover in the best way possible. That leads him to change a lot of traits and other things about himself so as to fit the contentment of the lover and to avoid that near contention. This is mainly attributable also to the fact that these lovers happen to have checklists of their perfect partner instead of actually accepting their partner for who they are. If possible, they want to tick all the boxes and satisfy themselves with their fictitious prince charming.

It’s kinda ironic that they entered themselves into that relationship without even actually knowing that person at least 70% about them. Because you entered into a relationship with that person, you’re willing to accept his good side, and also accept that there are some habits of his that you may not like that would forever linger in his system. Just because you don’t like some of the activities he’s doing doesn’t mean it’s entirely bad or severely damaging. Your standards aren’t universal. Not everything is about you.

It’s wrong to change a person just because we hate what they’re doing. It’s wrong to erase the very essence of what makes them individually them – unique and unparalleled. We have to remind ourselves every now and then that our lovers aren’t perfect nor are  they programmable robots. They are individuals who have their own flow. It is possible and acceptable to change some things that they do that are entirely damaging, but it should be reasonable and consensual.


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