Same-Sex Marriage: To Legalize or Not?

As Proposition 8 and Defense of Marriage Act have been abolished in the US, the issue of same-sex marriage continues to rise. A total of 13 countries have legalized same-sex marriage, and that includes France, New Zealand and Spain. Personally, there’s clearly nothing wrong with same-sex marriages. It directly concerns the homosexuals who want to get married, and there’s no other valid reason of prohibiting it (unless you say it on the comments below and we could gladly discuss). This isn’t about the LGBT wanting special treatment. This is about giving the LGBT their right.

To fully understand same-sex marriages, we should understand why it’s even proposed in the first place. Before you even start with your Bible quotes or all other religious quotes you’ve collected, let’s just put everything on the table. Same-sex marriages do not seek your religion’s approval. In fact, it barely has anything to do with your religion. These marriages concern the state. Basically, this union would allow same-sex couples to be recognized officially by the state so that they would be enjoying the same rights and privileges that married heterosexual couples have. When you aren’t recognized by the state, you don’t get to have your partner registered as your official beneficiary for your insurances, or you can’t even adopt a child together. In some states, you can’t even visit your partner when he’s in the hospital unless you get married and be recognized as “immediate family.”

Let’s go with the symbolical point of marriages. Marriages are supposed to be a union of love. When it comes to the subject of love, you can’t really dictate what’s right or wrong. That’s love. If both people fall in love, then who are you to judge them? Your book does not define love as it is. That is why they want to get married. To fully commit to each other in the face of the state, so they could be your just regular married couple. Marriages were never meant exclusively for procreation because if it were, then I pity the religious impotent and sterile couples.

When you, as a legislator, would reason out that your society isn’t ready for it, then when will your society be ready? It’s about time to take action. You may not be able to convince them all, but you may be able to convince the vast majority. It’s about taking one step at a time. It’s not about waiting for society. It’s about initiating an action so as to lead them towards tolerance then further towards acceptance.

See the point? It’s not about conforming to your subjective religion’s standards. It’s about being objectively recognized by the governing body – the same governing body that dictates what to do and what not to do. The governing body that promised not to discriminate anyone regardless of their gender, race, sexual orientation, etc.

It’s a bit unfair to prohibit people from enjoying their right just because your personal judgments are against it, or that your religion dictates you so. Please erase the mentality that marriage revolves around your religion because it clearly doesn’t. Let same-sex couples rejoice and have things their way. It’s never wrong to be gay anyway, so why so indifferent?