Why People Should Give Flowers to the Person They Love


In line with the Valentine Season, this is a post about love. Overrated as it is, but these are the reasons why I prefer giving and receiving flowers on Valentine’s Season. Flowers are full of symbolism and meaning that would definitely blow your mind.

Flowers are overrated. To be honest, they’re always the first thing that people come into mind whenever they think about love. For every occasion that concerns love such as anniversaries and Valentine’s Day, people would always give flowers. I guess you could say that the commonality of this gift could be contributed to history or popularity depicted in the media. For all you know, they are the best signs of love.

When you ask people why they give flowers, they really don’t mention any legit reason. The most common reply you’d get from them is that they’re beautiful and girls have always liked them ever since. What people don’t know is that they missed out the important and significant reasons why flowers are the best gifts of love anyone can give and receive.

When you juxtapose the characteristics of love and flowers, you get the most significant and most vital reasons. First and foremost, flowers are natural. When people say flowers are terrible gifts because they die easily, they should really think again. Flowers die easily when you don’t take care of them similar to how love dies when you don’t push the effort of actually cultivating it. Think about it. Would you rather give fake flowers just because they do not die and rot? It’s just like saying that the love you’re giving is fake and superficial. Yes, they may live for a very long time, but the effort you push in actually having it live is minimal and does not entail a great deal of sacrifice. In one way or another, people have to accept physical death. We have to accept that flowers die just like how people die. Even if these flowers die, we still remember the emotion and the feeling they symbolize. Even if the person dies, we still remember the love they gave.

Love is best symbolized through flowers. The next time you give or receive flowers, think about what it symbolizes and how the person who gave it to you or who you gave it to means to you. It’s not about giving the most expensive or the most long-living flowers; it’s about the sincere meaning that’s attached to these flowers – I LOVE YOU.

3 thoughts on “Why People Should Give Flowers to the Person They Love

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