Of Famewhores and Social Networking

The Information Superhighway known as the Internet has been accessible to people worldwide. It is, in fact, the easiest way to tap people and know a lot of things worldwide. However, there are just those people who abuse this useful gift for their personal consumption. One problem the internet has is the rampant FAMEWHORING. What is famewhoring? Well, it’s doing a whole lot of stuff just for FAME. All of the time, these famewhores are even identifying themselves as “celebrities” which is just plain ridiculous.

Kimpoy Feliciano

Perhaps, the very first famewhore who has risen to the occasion is Kimpoy Feliciano.  He gained a hefty amount of followers in what was once a most populous site (Tumblr). Luckily for him, the site was hugely popular for teenage girls in their puberty, high of hormones. He apparently used this as an advantage and  had a sign with “I RESPECT WOMEN” on his blog. Dude, if you truly respected women, you won’t publicize that so-called “fact” but you’d do it. Besides, why would you flaunt a social responsibility? It just goes to show how you would want to publicize your good deeds rather than let the actions do the talking. Kimpoy’s popularity, though, paid off when Vice Ganda made it possible to let him come back to the Philippines. However, he just used the comedian and never actually did his side of the deal which was to guest on the comedian’s show. Somehow, if one would just delve deep into his blog, one would see all the effed up principles and senseless posts and narcissism. If there was an award for the most conceited guy on Tumblr, he’d win.

Jamich’s controversial tweet

A couple of famewhores also used a popular video-sharing site that allowed them to post their own “romantic” videos or short films. Jam Sebastian and Mich Linggayu founded their loveteam “JaMich” and gained a cult following and had their videos hit up to a million. It’s ridiculous how people fall easily into the cheesy lines, awkward acting and awful delivery. It’s not even natural nor is it even professional. Apparently, their surge into the internet has been more than controversial. Controversies arose as their talent fees have been equal to those who are working in the showbiz industry with legitimate shows. Most promoters who wanted them to appear backed off due to their high demands as they were not legit nor have they made a mark in the industry. They also have been selling varsity jackets to their fans. Reports say that they are not really that romantically linked and are just a business couple. They have been gaining profit from their videos and the varsity jackets are another tactic to gain more money. There are also some former fans who have complained about their attitude during appearances as they ask money from people who want to have a picture taken with them. No money, no photo. It’s no wonder though that fame has gotten into the couple’s heads. That controversial tweet during the death of the comedy king just proved how insensitive and inconsiderate they were. It even reached the ire of legit celebrities. Sadly, the couple even partnered with a group named “Chicser” which are as relevant as your elementary school’s Buwan ng Wika celebration.

Jude Sinahon in a ridiculously captioned photo

Kimpoy and Jamich are not the only famewhores around. With the prevalence of Filipinos existing in the social networking sites and micro-blogging sites, a lot of guys have utilized their good looks to their so-called “fame.” One of which is Jude Sinahon. Let’s face it, Jude is definitely good-looking. However, he’s as conceited as Kimpoy as well. It can be remembered that Jude had a Twitter war with a fellow famewhore. He once reprimanded another famewh0re that goes by the username of bridomingo after having the word “FollowMeBri” trend on Twitter. This was very hypocritical of him as he had his cult following trend him on Twitter with various keywords and hashtags such as “FollowJudeSinahon” or “#Happy50kJudeSinahon”  – ironic, isn’t it? Then there is that image at the right which strategically giggled all the loveless and hopeless girls and gays alike – mostly those who have been in awful relationships. That image has been copied by a lot of people as their ticket to “fame.” Sad to say, they all look ridiculous doing those poses and having those captions. Apparently, Jude is a homophobe in his own right as he labels men “gay” when they don’t agree with him. It can also be said that Jude has his own fan meetup like other regular celebrities. His cult following called “Judesters” have been more than hysteric to every negative reaction they receive on Twitter. Also, his “popularity” rose to a new set of famewhores who use similar tactics. In fact, there was even one guy who posed as his cousin (which Jude denied to being related with).

With all the famewhores arising in the internet, it is no doubt that all you see are conceit and narcissism. Their sudden popularity only proves how gullible the teenage generation (their fans) is. These famewhores wouldn’t have surged infamously into the public eye if not for the massive cult following they have. Particularly, the public is also to be blamed for providing them loving attention despite of being unworthy of it. It’s sad how their stans (a general term for fans who are stalkers) would give up almost anything for them. These stans would go to the extent of spending money or have their Twitter accounts suspended just to have their attention. A simple favorite, retweet or follow is like winning a million dollars for them. Talk about obsession.

We definitely live in a society where fame is more valuable than knowledge. We live in a society that goes countless miles defending their idols who do not even know them just to have their attention and gratitude. Sadly, these famewhores who have risen to “popularity” are not even worth the attention that they are receiving. It’s up to their stans to open their eyes and see that they are not worth their efforts.


6 thoughts on “Of Famewhores and Social Networking

  1. I do not even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was great.
    I don’t know who you are but definitely you’re going to a famous
    blogger if you are not already 😉 Cheers!

  2. Annika says:

    Who the fuck are Kimpoy Feliciano, Jamich and Jude Sinahon? Hahaha not all teenagers know who these famewhores you know..

  3. Ria says:

    I bet you if the internet didn’t exist, no one would know who these motherf*ckers are. I can’t stand these type of conceited people who thinks that they’re the hot sh!t. I apologize for the profanity.

  4. kaede says:

    You know what? You are right in your post. Because of the accessibility of the net, these ordinary people who are just pacute are abusing it. And for what? To be famous. And then???? What’s next? These famewhores just think that they are entitled to their own pride. Tsh.

    About Jamich, I was like, okaaaayyyy? I thought they got famous for something worth adulating, but then, posting cheesy videos? I think it is just because I am almost past the calendar, but even if I am their agemate, I will not succumb to their foolishness.

    Personally, I hope Jam will get well. But I still will not praise famewhores who show only looks and shallowness.

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