What is Pinoy Pride?

Filipinos have been using the term “Pinoy Pride” over the past few years. When one views it in a way, it means bringing pride to the Filipino nation because someone has represented it internationally. It can also mean having the Philippines get noticed internationally. With the recent usage of the term, it is no doubt one of the most pathetic lines a Filipino can mention in public – may it be on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. Let’s have some examples, shall we?

1. American Idol contestant Jessica Sanchez has been known to be one of the recipients of the #PinoyPride hashtag on Twitter. The AI contestant has received numerous praises from the judges and most of America, then there come Filipinos saying “PINOY PRIDE!” Come to think of it, she did not even grow up here in the Philippines. She only has Filipino blood on her veins. Why is that Pinoy Pride? Well, it seems that any person abroad who has not even stepped foot in the Philippines, but has some an ounce of Filipino blood is doomed to receive the claims of the Philippines. Yes Filipinos, Jessica Sanchez has Filipino blood and is a great singer, but let’s not claim her. Don’t even get me started with Charice.

2. Survivor has announced that he 25th season of Survivor would be shot in the Philippines. Again, we see the influx of Pinoy Prides arriving everywhere. So what if they shoot here in the Philippines? How is that a big deal? They shoot these contestants with the typical “away-from-civilization” island in the Philippines. Show’s over, they’d move on. It’s not even considered “Pinoy Pride.” How shallow can you get?

3. The Bourne Legacy used the Philippines in some of the scenes they filmed. Back when they were still filming, it seems that the Philippines couldn’t hold its excitement and seemed to disturb the filmmakers. Furthermore, after the film was released, a lot of Filipinos commented how awful the Philippines was portrayed. There were also some who were happy that the filmmakers decided to use the Philippines and screamed PINOY PRIDE all over again. Seriously, what is there to be proud of?

To be honest, “Pinoy Pride” only screams how pathetic that the Philippines has become. It seems that the whole Filipino race is begging for international attention. These Filipinos or semi-Filipinos are bringing pride to themselves for the efforts they exerted. They did not represent the whole Filipino race. It’s not wrong to support them, but to declare them as “Pinoy Pride?” Nuh-uh. Furthermore, screaming Pinoy Pride at the mere usage of our country by international people? It’s their choice. They think it’s a better conceptual place for what they have in mind. It’s not like they’re handing us 10 million dollars for that.

To conclude, Pinoy Pride won’t even mask the deteriorating status of our country. Let’s not make a mountain out of a handful of soil, shall we?


2 thoughts on “What is Pinoy Pride?

  1. Well, this is coming from the native (?) Filipino’s point of view. On the Filipino-American point of view, we define “Pinoy Pride” as something we are proud of being in terms of our origins, the cultural aspects of it (ie. food, history, etc.), and simply just showing off our individuality and how we can still consider ourselves American while showing off our pure colors. We’re in a melting pot society after all and other races (whites wouldn’t actually say “White Pride,” but more of their own origins, like Irish pride, Italian pride, French pride, etc.) are being loud and proud with their origins and ancestry in addition to their origin’s culture and heritage. Even if that was the case, we have one thing in common, and that is that we’re American.

    I’ve seen a few tweets regarding Kyla Ross (1/4 Pinay-Puerto Rican-Japanese-Black gymnast in the U.S. team) during the Olympics and yet not very many people declared “Pinoy Pride” when her name came up compared to Jessica Sanchez LOL. It was the same with baseball pitcher Tim Lincecum (who’s half-Pinoy) before when the San Francisco Giants won the World Series here. They started claiming him “Pinoy Pride” when Lincecum pretty much have little to no knowledge about being Pinoy (though he did state his favorite Filipino dishes O_o;). I even read that they even tried to get him to visit the Philippines at one point but that never really went through. That’s “Pinoy Pride” for you I guess. O_o;

    But I do agree with you all the way. I personally can’t exactly shout out “100% Pinoy Pride” because there is one thing that I am not proud of when it comes to being Pinoy: the “common” attitude, mindset, and the mentality aspects. =T

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