Twitter: Philippine Trending Topics

It has come to my attention that the Trending Topics in the Philippines have been constantly criticized for being nonsensical in nature. As users of the micro-blogging site, we are certainly annoyed at these senseless topics and that the site has lost its purpose.


Image courtesy of @KrisAquinoSTD at Twitter

See the image above? Well, it is just a sample of how everyday the Trending Topics in the Philippines are. One would notice how nonsensical they really are in nature. I mean, are those even relevant to what’s happening as of the moment. The common thing with this everyday nonsense is that they are related to PBB, a reality show in the Philippines.

I happened to tweet about something related to this issue. I mentioned how nonsensical all these trending topics are, and the fans who are doing such things should learn how to stop because it brings negative publicity to their idol. Being friends with one of the people whom they are trending, I have had my fair share of her thoughts. She mentions that she gets criticized because of how she is always being trended at Twitter and that a lot of people are already getting annoyed. Unfortunately, she couldn’t do anything about it because she does not dictate her fans.

Enough of that, let’s go back to my tweet that mentioned how nonsensical the trending topics they start are. I had a response from these particular fans. They say that it was certainly none of my business and that I should practically just ignore it. They would even go as far as say that I should, in fact, blame Twitter for putting Trending Topics as one of their features. Laughable, isn’t it? Their reason for trending such particular words (I wouldn’t even call them topics) is mainly because it’s their way of support. Considering that they couldn’t be on the particular event, they would just spread the virus on Twitter. Add the fact that they trend such topics so senselessly. For example,

#MYRVESMonopolizesDavao a

#MYRVESMonopolizesDavao 2

#MYRVESMonopolizesDavao go go go

Wow. How sensible and full of meaning.

Television networks are to blame for this as well. Sad is the fact that Twitter has been used by the Philippines as one of their primary measures on a celebrity’s longevity. If a celebrity trends on Twitter, it would weigh largely on their part and that this may ensure future projects.

Twitter was supposed to be a micro-blogging site wherein we address our thoughts on the current issues at hand or the current news. The purpose of these trending topics is supposed to tell us what relevant things are currently happening. After all, it IS a micro–blogging site. Those trending topics that are in the Philippines are primarily considered as SPAM, but HEY! It’s the Philippines. The place where citizens make a major big fuss over a minute thing.

Sadly, gone are the days when Twitter was used by intellectuals. It has now been invaded by fantards who cannot stop gushing over their idols that they selfishly and insensitively trend these topics on Twitter. What used to be an avenue for healthy discussions has now become a place for famewh0ring and attention-seeking. 

Grow Up, people.


11 thoughts on “Twitter: Philippine Trending Topics

  1. Reblogged this on seemstobenarrow and commented:
    This is so very true. Gone are the days where intellectual people are using Twitter. It’s a sad reality. Fantards are now taking over the supremacy over twitter. They should grow up, think of mature things over.

  2. vana robea says:

    Wait is this screenshot taken just today? Wow, PBB fantardism has set new records, 8/10 trending topics are theirs.

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