Disappointment – How to Deal

It’s that moment when you literally do everything you could do just to achieve something, just to succeed. There comes the judgment day and then you literally get disappointed at the results. You were hoping for more; you were expecting for more. It makes you wonder whether you were really made for this or not. You fully know your capabilities, and you surely aren’t overestimating yourself, but to be honest, why do things like these occur?

Somehow, we can only lower our expectations and furthermore extend our efforts to places we never thought we could reach. It’s like this situation:

In a long race of five cars, one car is clearly in the lead while three are closely following. The three use different techniques to take the lead such as drift on turns or smash the other cars. The one in the lead left off greases to stop the other cars from overtaking. All happened on the same bumpy road. I mentioned five cars, but I only made mention of the occurrences of four. What happened to the other one? Well, the other car got tired of following the same road and found another road that would, in fact, be a shortcut towards the finish line.

You think that you have done everything you could do. You’ve followed every advice people have offered. Then it means nothing. Maybe you should follow your own path for a change. Find out which path is more comfortable. Feel free to experiment. See which lead to amazing effects. That’s their advice, you need to advise your own self. Travel neither the road more traveled nor the road less traveled. Travel the untraveled road, best if you make the road that you wish to travel.

Life is indeed full of disappointments. Usually, they happen when you’re in an unhappy place. It’s about finding inner peace to truly achieve success. No matter how life brings us down with our disappointments, we always have to take into mind that there is still more to give, and that we have lots of things to offer for our benefit.


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