What is Pinoy Pride?

Filipinos have been using the term “Pinoy Pride” over the past few years. When one views it in a way, it means bringing pride to the Filipino nation because someone has represented it internationally. It can also mean having the Philippines get noticed internationally. With the recent usage of the term, it is no doubt one of the most pathetic lines a Filipino can mention in public – may it be on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.┬áLet’s have some examples, shall we? Continue reading


Twitter: Philippine Trending Topics

It has come to my attention that the Trending Topics in the Philippines have been constantly criticized for being nonsensical in nature. As users of the micro-blogging site, we are certainly annoyed at these senseless topics and that the site has lost its purpose.

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My Message for Senator Sotto

To Senator Vicente Castelo “Tito” Sotto III:

I am deeply disappointed with your recent actions in your fight against the passage and implementation of the RH Bill. Not only am I against your stand and belief, but I am also against with your recent actions, most specifically the plagiarism issue and the way that you and your staff have handled the issue. This message also goes to your staff.

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Disappointment – How to Deal

It’s that moment when you literally do everything you could do just to achieve something, just to succeed. There comes the judgment day and then you literally get disappointed at the results. You were hoping for more; you were expecting for more. It makes you wonder whether you were really made for this or not. You fully know your capabilities, and you surely aren’t overestimating yourself, but to be honest, why do things like these occur? Continue reading