CJ Corona Convicted. Then?

With a 20-3 vote, Chief Justice Renato Corona has been tried guilty and is therefore convicted after having amassed more than two-thirds of the senator-judges’ votes in favor of his conviction. It seems that the whole Filipino race has been celebrating after the event. What now?

Let’s delve more into the voting. Who votes? The senator-judges vote. Is it not funny that the impeachment trial is even near the election year which is next year? The public surveys say that Corona should be convicted. Most of these senator-judges are seeking for re-election in the Senate or another governmental position. Do the puzzles fit now? Regardless of how weak the prosecution presented itself or how fraudulent and misleading its evidences and how irrelevant its arguments are, they would still give in to the public’s wishes. They have to win the public vote. I remember hearing a teacher say “Who are those who voted in favor of conviction? I will vote for them this coming election.” All we can do is sigh. Even if we could commend the defense for staying strong in the trial, the technicalities would definitely be ignored and that the senator-judges have already have their subjective and selfish votes. They had already made up their minds even before the voting began.

Presiding officer Juan Ponce Enrile should be commended on his statements and reasons. He gave some insightful words, ladies and gentlemen. He indirectly noted how terrible each party was with their misleading documents and such. The only three people who voted to acquit should be commended as well: Mr. Joker Arroyo, Mr. Marcos and Miss Defensor-Santiago. The latter giving assertive remarks which struck the house. These three are far more intellectual than the other senators who gave such pathetic reasons. One senator even mentioned that he would even look stupid mentioning Republic Act. My dear sir, what good are you as a lawmaker? Why are you even a senator? It just proves how gullible and intellectually bankrupt the Philippine populace is.

What is terrifying to know is that President Aquino may have taken hold of the three branches of the government. The executive is his, majority of the legislative is his, and the judiciary will soon be his after the appointment of a new Chief Justice of his choice. Dictatorship, perhaps? We cannot rule out the possibility.

It would seem that the Filipino citizens would want to see a government official be tried guilty.That is definitely the case. Knowing that the Philippines is a third-world country and poverty is no stranger to more than 90% of the population, one would also know the fact that the Filipinos always have the government to blame – may it be partially or fully. It is as if the government is the reason for the poor disposition of their families. Well, they may be partially right; however, trying a political figure guilty will not even alleviate their situations. As proven, the government is merely a front and a petty excuse for a lot of Filipinos; in fact, if the CJ Corona issue was not raised and publicized, Filipinos would not even have Corona as an excuse.

What’s the next excuse Filipinos have then? Let us just wait for the next trial by publicity which will happen in the next near-election period. After all, we simply do not run out of excuses. We already had EDSA 1, EDSA 2, and we still have not risen. Now, CJ Corona has been convicted and charged guilty. What comes then?


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