Beat Of My Drum by Nicola Roberts (Single Review)

As Girls Aloud members pursued their solo projects, Cheryl Cole found massive success with her mediocre albeit catchy tunes due to some big promotion from The X Factor while Nadine Coyle didn’t pretty much fare well with Insatiable due to poor PR. Can Nicola Roberts catch up though?

Easily said, Nicola Roberts blows those two GA members and all of their songs off with Beat Of My Drum. The Diplo produced track may come off as oddly similar to Beyonce’s Run The World, but this dance-pop tune is miles better and samples the beat even better than Beyonce’s and the cheerleader-pop vibe makes the song even catchier. The drum breakdown towards the end makes the 3-minute song even more awesome as well. Nicola works her vocals well from the verses to the chant-like chorus. After listening to this song, the line “L! O! V! E! Dance to the beat of my drum” will never get off of your head and you’d just happen to sing and dance to this song all month long. With a lead single like this, I’d be anticipating a whole lot more for Cinderella Eyes.

While the video may be simple, it actually fits as it doesn’t overpower the song’s magic. From her awkward dancing (I happen to love the butt-thrusts) to ridiculously colorful outfits, they actually complement the song.

I’d give the song an:


Check the official music video here:


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