Glee Season 2: Thoughts on Finale, whole season

Glee has turned itself from an in-depth show to a charttopping monster. The show seems to be more focused on having songs chart in the Billboard Hot 100 than deepening the show’s plot. Filled with unnecessary guest stars, the show has sunk. The finale proved how the storyline has not really progressed that much and some stories left unanswered such as Quinn Fabray’s plan in NYC.

Most ironic thing on the show was Will Schuester saying “I have watched these kids grow into mature young men and women.” Apparently, it’s the other way around. Unprofessional kiss is mature? Please. The only character that they have deepened much is Santana, but that’s about it. They have seemed to be overdoing the Original Song thing with the original songs in the finale episode not as good as the ones in Regionals.

I suggest for next season that they cut the Kurt drama, focus on the others as well, stop having guest stars in the episode since they deviate the plot and only add NOTHING in this show, quit pairing the Glee kids with each other as if it’s some lottery for combinations, and focus on the story and not on the plot. LESS ANGST, MORE COMEDY PLEASE. Don’t give a fuck on what conservatives have to say. That was why we loved Glee in the first place.

They better close Season 3 with a bang. It’s the Glee kids’ last year, and I’d pretty much want this show to get canceled if the show doesn’t live up to expectations.


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