American Idol: Closes with McCreery win.

Traditional country singer Scotty McCreery trumped country-pop singer Lauren Alaina on over 122 million votes in total in the 10th season of the American Idol finale. The results come in no surprise as Dial Idol had already ranked Scotty safe and the one with the highest votes since Semi-final week.

On what was visualized as the death of American Idol because of Simon Cowell’s departure, American Idol surprisingly didn’t struggle because of the variety of awesome contestants it had. With all the awesome contestants, they had Scotty McCreery win. Another “White Guy With Guitar” win for Idol and that’s four seasons in a row. This is a sign that Idol has already died. The one with the least musical talent won, and talented people like Haley Reinhart, Pia and Casey didn’t even get a chance at the finale. The winner’s a one-trick pony while the runnerup is so fragile that even a scratch could send this girl into tears. Idol is no longer a singing competition, but a popularity contest. The judges aren’t really that credible anyway because of obvious politics and the reincarnation of Paula Abdul in the form of a rockstar.

Considering the winner, runnerup and all those contestants of last season didn’t live up to expectations in post-Idol and Season 8’s winner not doing any better than the runnerup, I wonder how this year’s winner and other finalists would fare considering that Country Radio hosts have suggested that Scotty and Lauren are “one and done.”

With all that’s said and done, one can never deny that the true winner of this season is Haley Reinhart who trumped it on Bennie and The Jets until the finale duet. With tragic results, I say it’s about time that Idol retires and make way for The Voice and The X Factor.


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