Born This Way: Album Review (Track by Track)

Mother Monster Lady Gaga releases her third album and it’s bound to aim high in the charts worldwide. Whilst I found her album to be awesome, the cover art is just horrible. It’s like elementary photoshop. Take a picture of the motorcycle, place Gaga’s head in front and replace the bars with her arms and voila! You’ve got yourself a cover art. The cover art is just underwhelming and terrible.

The album opens with a slow start from Marry The Night and as the song progresses, momentum is built but loses it on the bridge. The constant repetitions of “Marry The Night” in the song makes this song sound so catchy.

Following Marry The Night is chart topping Born This Way which is a straightforward LGBT support song which Gaga screams being born this way and there’s no mistake since she’s created by God and He makes no mistakes. While the song is empowering, its melody and tune sounds similar to Madonna’s Express Yourself and Vogue.

Government Hooker lets you remember the early Gaga (i.e. The Fame era). It may be a decent track; however, it doesn’t have the same momentum that Born This Way had. It’s nothing outstanding.

The second single of the album, Judas, is the next track of the album and while it isn’t better than the first single, it is certainly a catchy track. “Judas-Juda-ah-ah” makes you remember Bad Romance’s “ra-ra” in the previous album. I’m pretty much sure this single will spark some “Illuminati” claims.

Bilingual Americano mixes the Mexican and English language in lyrics while its tune leans more on the Mexican side as she utilizes Mexico’s folk musical instruments. Americano certainly shows the multilingual Gaga that’s insanely hooky and natural.

Hair, the promotional single of the album, certainly has a similar theme with Born This Way or more of like the continuation of the story as Gaga yells that she just wants to be her and she is her hair. It’s certainly one of the better tracks of the album.

While Gaga doesn’t speak German, she proves herself that she can with Scheiße. She sings the verses naturally while pulling off the show with some 90s vibe. Another bilingual song, this song is certainly better than the first one (Hair).

Gaga starts slow in the second half of the album with Bloody Mary. It may give off an 80s spooky vibe, it’s quite a boring one and not even the chants of Gaga and the screams help the song.

Following Bloody Mary, Gaga continues the homage to the 80s with Bad Kids. Slow disco, inspirational and simple. Gaga sings most of the parts with her falsetto and gently with her chest voice while saying that you don’t have to be insecure if your heart is pure.

Highway Unicorn (Road to Love) is one of the best songs of the album. Mixing 70s music with the current stylings, this electropop song is genius. Ride off a unicorn and go in the road to love as Gaga metaphorically describes true love. Ponies may be ridiculous and cheesy for some, but it’s Gaga we’re talking.

Gaga says she’s a Heavy Metal Lover and I don’t think she convinced me in this track. It’s not exactly one of those amazing tracks in the album even with the Auto-Tune rapping/talking and heavy beats. Sexual vibes in a sexual song, but not that entirely convincing.

Electric Chapel confirms Lady Gaga is a Heavy Metal Lover with the heavy electric guitars, but it’s quite boring. The song gives off a 60s – 70s vibe continuing the religious themes she’s grown quite fond of, but not really singable. Unlike other tracks, there isn’t a chorus here that makes you go LSS. Well, here’s another side of Gaga. Definitely the worst track of the album.

You & I, the song she constantly performs in her concert and the song Haley Reinhart popularly covered in American Idol, is a power ballad and like how Gaga’s previous ballads were in the previous albums (Speechless, Brown Eyes, Again Again), this is certainly an awesome song. The beats of We Will Rock You highlight the power vocals that Gaga has and this song certainly comes off as sincere and genuine without the need of any Auto-Tune.

The album closes off with The Edge of Glory and she certainly closes off in a high note.  Even the saxophone solo doesn’t hurt this song at all. Words aren’t enough to describe how awesome this song is. Though the song reminds me of Kelly Clarkson, the third single (originally a promotional single) is easily the best track of the album.

Gaga slowly comes back to The Fame era which we all loved while paying homage to early 70s and 80s music and giving off another side of her that proves she isn’t just pop flavor. Starting off strong and closing off even stronger as well with the decent songs in the middle, the album is surely up to your tastes.

Rating: A-

Bonus Tracks:

Black Jesus + Amen Fashion is seriously Vogue-inspired. Madonna’s Vogue song and Anna Wintour’s Vogue. Though the song is perfectly runway fashion week material with NYC as US’s high fashion capital, one cannot help but draw Vogue comparisons with this song.

Fashion of His Love is Gaga’s way of telling us that this is the kind of pop song that we grew up with and loved. It’s reminiscent of Whitney’s Houston’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” though and it certainly exudes 80s love.

The Queen is what Gaga wants you to perceive her as you listen to this album and this song just delivers on the verses and the guitar solo at the end closes the song on a high.


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