Pass the RH Bill

The Reproductive Health Bill has been causing a lot of fuss in the Philippines lately. The Church and other supporters of them say that RH should be trashed while some Filipinos consider RH as a Bill that needs to be passed so as to rid this country of some of its problems. I’m one of those who say RH should be passed.

Mandatory Age-Appropriate Reproductive Health Education. It is highly amusing when someone says that this bill will make children see sex as a pastime and not be taken seriously. Section 12 particularly indicates the details entailed on the subject and it includes responsible parenthood and abstinence before marriage. Face it, teens on fifth grade are already aware of sex. Many teenagers already know sex, but they are ignorant. Who are we to deprive them of such education? We just cannot reply on parents. Also, we’d be opening job opportunities for teachers considering that Teacher Education has produced lots of graduates over the years. Anyway, some parents are going to open up that topic, some won’t. Admit it, it’s awkward. We’d rather have a uniformed curriculum for this one approved by DepEd/CHED rather than rely on the connotations of parents.

Population of the Philippines.  The Philippines is indeed overpopulated. People are going to retire on the province and people seeking out something are going to the city. Also, have you considered the ocean floor or those unsuitable areas for inhabitants? People cannot live there! That is why there is congestion in the various areas in the Philippines. The Anti-RH Billers say population is our biggest asset, but isn’t it our biggest liability too? What are we going to do with these jobless and unqualified people who are in poverty and relying primarily and only on government support? Also, there are a lot of factors concerning population growth. Teenage pregnancies and ignorant sex. Now, don’t we need the RH Bill for this one?

Support of Private Health Care Service Providers & Mobile Health Care Services. Based on research, 11 Filipino mothers die in childbirth everyday because of poor health care. Admit it, the government hasn’t been supportive of health care since it isn’t on the top of their priorities of the moment. However, if there is the RH Bill, the 3 billion dollar budget would be put to good use for health care. With the government and non-government units providing approved health care services, there will be no more mothers dying of childbirth due to poor health care.

Contraceptives as Essential Medicine. It’s absurd when people label contraceptives as abortifacients. There is a big difference between the unconceived and the unborn.

It’s gonna be tiring if I put all the sections here and I’m surely gonna bore you with all my yapping, but here’s what I can sum up from the others. The bill provides health care and qualified midwives and obstetricians to each province and city so as to cater the needs of those people especially those who live in the provincial areas and have to go to the city to have their checkups regarding maternity and all.

Just go for the comments if you have any reactions, then we’ll talk. Be civilized.


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