Mr. Willie Revillame humiliates Game Show contestant kid

During the March 12, 2011 episode of Willie Revillame’s Willing Willie, he featured a 6-year old contestant in his game show and publicly humiliated his innocence by having him macho dance again and again during the show.

When Willie asked Jan-Jan to perform his talent, the child innocently performed a macho-dance. Instead of being scolded or being told to stop, the game show host embarrassed the child further by having him repeat the same dance over and over again to the hysteria of the audience.

Willie Revillame, you are a douchebag. To think that you are idolized by many Filipinos, and yet you do such classless thing to a frail child which is beyond preposterous. I am no psychologist nor psychology student though I may have passed UPCAT with the Psych course in mind but that doesn’t count; however, all I know is there is a great possibility that the child can be traumatized by the said event because of his young mind. Instead of letting him understand the notion of right and wrong, you are making him a laughingstock. The audience was laughing right at him. That was on National Television LIVE! The boy was even about to cry for Pete’s sakes.

Also, Willie Revillame is a freaking matapobre. That mockery that he did when he figured out that the dad worked at a parlor and how the child danced like that and how he remarked the words (non-verbatim, trans) “The things poor people do for money. Even the young do those nowadays.” That is so low. We don’t freaking care if you are so rich that you are able to give away a large sum of money and not walk away penniless. What matters most here is that you did not respect that status of this child and his family’s.

For TV5, you guys suck. Are you really that desperate to gain ratings and go par-in-par with ABS-CBN and GMA7? The thought of you allowing the encore performance of Jan-Jan in National Television is just plainly horrid. Are you even highlighting or promoting the thought of “Make a fool of yourself in TV. Earn thousands of pesos.” or the idea of “Philippine Entertainment – Laugh at the misery of others”? I have never been so disgusted in Philippine TV. What happened to your ethics? No. That wasn’t entertainment, that was bullying.

Thank God ABS-CBN got rid of this douchebag even if it meant losing the noontime ratings. I wouldn’t have it in any other way. This guy’s cocky, and seriously has not learned his lesson. The apologetic face he always does saying he’s “sorry” is nothing but an act.

Philippine TV – How low can you get?


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