College – Every High School Senior’s Problem

When we were young, our parents and relatives would often ask us what we were going to be when we grow up. We oftentimes say doctor, lawyer, teacher; you know the common ones being taught to us by our parents or of what we saw. However, as we grow up, we slowly learn of how difficult particular subjects are and our decisions change because of various factors that influence an individual’s thinking.

We keep on delaying our decisions by the time we reach High School when in fact, this is the time we should be making that decision. By the time we reach senior year, we are then pressured by the people around us and we oftentimes make rash decisions – resulting into constant shifts when we reach college.

Most people look forward to college. There is the sense of excitement because of something new like the schedules and the exemptions on Midterms. There’s also the 1.0 grading system and the different classes depending on the blocks. Surely, it’s gonna change a lot of people out of their old selves. However, before the excitement of college breaks your bones, there’s also the problem on as to what course each is going to take.

When thinking about a course in college to choose from, we have a lot of factors to consider. I can only name five common ones.

First is the anxiety of the future, whether we can get a job if we take this particular course or not or if the salary of such job would suffice our needs and wants. People who overthink things would often think of the negative results. There is that sense of paranoia while thinking of such course. Sometimes, people just go with the course having the less harsh results.

Second, whether if this course truly fits our personality. There are some people who are being forced to go to MedTech despite being disgusted by blood and having the fear of injections. It’s not a good thing if we’re not interested or if we don’t fit in the course and we plan to pursue it.

Third, if this course does not undermine our intellect nor overpower it. There are some courses which do not use the full capacity of our multiple intelligences and that it would be an insult in our part that we only use a portion of it and that it doesn’t even challenge our minds. There are also some courses in which we cannot handle. We shouldn’t overestimate our thinking capacity, and see which course we can handle and which course we can’t. One thing to consider is our interest.

Fourth, whether the budget would somehow suffice considering that college is expensive. There are some courses in which our budget would not suffice in a particular course (most probably the medical courses because of the laboratory fees). Most would just go for vocational courses or some would just apply for scholarships.

Lastly, whether the school we are interested at is best in it or not. People check the credibility of the school because people want to see if the course they are planning to take and the school they are really interested at is good at giving instruction on that particular course. If the school has produced a number of topnotchers and successful men and women in their respective fields. What they fail to realize is, it’s not only the school, it’s the student as well.

Because of such reasons, the Department of Education holds the National Career Assessment Examination (NCAE) [in my case I got an Undecided result and I was frustrated with it], why the local Student Development And Placement Centers have their own versions of Career Assessments and why there are Career Weeks in every school.

Because of the country’s struggling economy and third-world status, students check their relatives who are finding success abroad – asking them how they are coping there. They also check the internet for better careers abroad. Most students nowadays want to go abroad and settle there, have a job and get it over with.

In college, we leave our immature self and start being mature professionals. Usually, there are people who already have their careers planned ahead. There are those who plan to pursue Medicine and there are those who plan to pursue Law. Eitherway, the best thing they can do is maintain that plan and hold on to it no matter what hardships college brings.

Since graduation is already coming, Congratulations to the High School Graduates of Batch 2010-2011. I hope your college adventure is gonna be a great one.


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