The Absurd 6/55 Lotto Jackpot

The Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office’s (PCSO) 6/55 Lotto jackpot has ballooned to an estimated total of 740 million pesos. It’s amazing how Filipinos gamble to get the jackpot. Who wouldn’t want that amount of money? Even a million pesos is already enough. Some would even settle with a hundred thousand pesos. Here’s the catch though. Taking into consideration the present condition of the nation which is poverty and hardship, why would PCSO still allow that amount of money as a jackpot prize?

It’s absurd. Why? The Philippines is suffering from numerous problems like housing relocation, shortage of funds for development in terms of urbanization and good production, unemployment, low salaries, need for health care, poor education quality and so much more. With that massive amount of money, they’re just gonna give that away to a single person who holds the lucky six digits out of the 55 numbers? It’s absurd. They could even  have the rest of the money to fund government projects. But no, they had to give it all away through some gambling. It’s highly ridiculous that the Philippines is suffering in poverty whilst the jackpot prize for PCSO’s 6/55 Lotto is sufficient enough to support the Philippine populace of its needs and luxuries.

740 million pesos. Do some mathematics and you can see that even if you give away two million pesos to each citizen (including babies and elderly), there would still be enough for the country itself. Now everyone is wondering where all their money is going. Simple. It’s all in PCSO. People are too stuck up in their hopes of becoming the next millionaire ridding their minds of diligence and perseverance. Wanting things to be in an instant snap of a finger.

In a country being criticized for its poor economy and its third-world status, I find it highly stupid that it’s more concerned on whom the million pesos is going to rather than opening their minds a little bit and widening their thought on the current problem and the call of the nation. We could have used the 740 million pesos in solving the many problems of the state right now.

Think of it carefully, what are the odds of these supposed winners in which they’re gonna use the money for the development of their motherland or even for charity? Less than the selfish reasons. The decision of having the jackpot balloon to this high is clear evidence that the authorities in charge of such project lack clear thinking and that good governance is once again, absent in this situation. People call for change, yet this is the way they run things. The civilians and the government wanted solutions to their problems, but this is how they do things.

It’s literally dumbfounding. Now, if no one gets those lucky 6 numbers,  the jackpot would once again balloon to a higher amount which would again be more than sufficient to help the Philippines progress as a nation. How absurd it truly is.


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