Students with 7’s and Suspensions – Ineligible for Honors

In a particular school, students who have experienced having a grade in the line of 7 during their third and fourth year and have experienced receiving a suspension from the school discipline officer are already disqualified from receiving honors during their graduation rites/commencement exercises. That is a rule in a particular university. Perhaps, in other schools as well.

It’s just so disappointing to see because you can really see potentials and that they are really much deserving of receiving such honors, but then again they are being deprived of such honors because of merely having experienced a grade in the line of 7 or for having been suspended. These students are not really getting what they deserve.

There is no reason of establishing such rule. Though, they (administrators) may reason out that honor students should be well-round individuals, it is still not a good reason for students are not perfect people. They have their own uniqueness in both strengths and weaknesses. Well, it’s quite ironic considering that the school teaches values and virtues. People deserve chances and that there is still some room for improvement and if the people in authority just give them a chance. It feels so wrong to ostracize these deserving students just because of their mistakes in the past. People, most especially students, have the capacity to change their ways.

Each students has his own waterloo. It could be Math, Filipino or Science. We can’t expect individuals to be jacks-of-all-trade. They have their weaknesses when it comes to particular subjects. Yes, it is their responsibility to study them. Seriously, those waterloos aren’t the only subjects they have. What is it with them getting a line of 7 so crucial that the admin can disqualify them right away in getting the honors? If a student sees a grade in the line of 7, he will have the drive to study harder. With that established rule, students would just give grades verging on satisfactory to failing because they wouldn’t even care.

The establishment of such rule gives a psychological effect to students considering their level of maturity being on their rising age which draws close to adulthood. One psychological effect of it is that it loses the determination and will of the students to study and pursue harder. Taking into consideration the different personalities of students, it would also give an effect in which the student can either be suicidal or be more sly than before.

There’s also the loss of human equality. That the students with so much potential are being deprived of opportunities and honors which they could rightfully earn if not for the established rule.

“Grades are just numbers” is perhaps the most overrated line in schools. If grades were just numbers, why do companies look at your credentials and find your awards and honors together with your grades? It’s not only damaging to present time, but to the future of each student as well.



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