Will American Idol Still Live?

After 9 seasons, the world’s cruelest man has left American Idol. Simon Cowell, the veteran judge is merely the second original judge to leave the series (the first of which, is Paula Abdul). They say American Idol is Simon Cowell’s show. People skip other judges’ comments on TiVo and fast-forward it to Simon’s.

Word is, Ellen DeGeneres has also announced that she’s leaving American Idol. Well, good thing since she really didn’t contribute much to the show. Another report says Kara DioGuardi has been FIRED from American Idol. Well, despite being an annoying cougar sometimes, Kara DioGuardi had musical background and that makes her legit and quite credible to be on the show and judge. Set to replace the two are Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler and Louboutins girl Jennifer Lopez. Yes, that’s right. American Idol is back with the three-judge format again.  It seems that Idol finally realized that the four-judge format is just not working. Also, with the given details, at the back of our minds lie some questions:

How will Tyler and J-Lo live up to America’s standards? Can they still keep the show breathing considering that Simon Cowell’s X Factor is coming to the US? Will Season 10 be the FINAL American Idol season? Let’s see on January 2011.


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