Lea Michele vs. Charice on GLEE?

being the popular US TV Show hitting high on the ratings, Glee decided to cast some characters in the show. One of them is Filipino pop  singer Charice.

Ryan Murphy indicates that there will be a rivalry between the talented Broadway singer, Glee’s lead star Lea Michele and that Oprah singer named Charice.

First of all, this is a stupid move by Ryan Murphy. He hasn’t even focused on the minor characters more like Matt or Mike or even the  regular stars like Artie and Tina, yet he’s decided to cast (3) more monkeys in his show. I say, more story, less stars. Too many underdeveloped characters, and the back 9 didn’t help at all. Then here goes Ryan Murphy casting some new monkeys in this show.

It’s funny how these Chasters don’t know Lea Michele and think she’s just from the Broadway scene and she’s a nobody. They don’t know how prominent Lea is. Lea Michele. How do we begin defining Lea Michele? She has beauty, she has a (rangy) crystal clear voice, she has personality, she can act, more particularly everything that Charice lacks. Charice lacks personality, she comes off as a robotic girl who belts voices.  She’s got terrible diction, and the Botox didn’t help her looks too.

The only reason why Charice is on Glee is because of Oprah Winfrey, nothing else. Yes, she may have a large voice, but that’s not all what singing’s about. Lea Michele knows the downs and ups of singing. She knows how to be subtle and belt in 3 octaves higher.  Seriously, Charice can’t even outsing Amber Riley or Jenna Ushkowitz.

Hopefully, Ryan Murphy removes Charice from Glee as soon as possible. It’s bad for the show’s flow.


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46 thoughts on “Lea Michele vs. Charice on GLEE?

  1. Chris says:

    Why don’t you wait for season 2 before ranting like this? =))))))))) I bet you’ll take back all what you’ve said here, once you see, hear, and feel Charice in glee 🙂

  2. Leon Panetta says:

    Another dumb ass post from a Mr.Know it all snob. Dude, you are not the creator of the show, and you have no “real facts” to back up your claim that it’s just due to Oprah that Charice was casted on the show. You are a real piece of work aren’t you, a mindless nimbwit and a stubbornly stupid individual.

    Bud, the thing is what passes as beauty to your post adolescent life is vastly different here in North America. You are Filipino of the worst kind, the one’s who like to insist to know everything and anything. Why don’t you write something more pertinent to your intelligence and subjects that you actually have expertise on.

  3. Frank says:

    1. The rivalry is between Rachel Berry and the character Charice will be playing. NOT Lea and Charice.
    2. I don’t like the storyline either. Quinn can be her rival not vocally but in other ways. Mercedes can pick ti up and start trying for more songs to rival Rachel vocally.
    3. I am tired of hearing about Charice already.
    4. Charice can sing, but I don’t see anything special.
    5. I am very weary of Chairce’s acting abilities.
    6. I am going to hate the continues comparison of these two while Charice is on glee.
    7.. I hope it is a short arc, I read she would have about the same as Jon Groff, so I have my fingers crossed for 6 episodes and out.
    8. We can all be happy knowing Rachel will come out on top in the end anyway,

    • It’s in parallelism to their Glee roles since they’re pretty much the ones doing the work though. Other characters need more exposure, in my opinion. Besides, I still think Santana can rival Rachel somehow. Though, I still think Mercedes is a powerhouse. :))

      • Bookworm51485 says:

        I will agree about Santana. I kind of thought that Naya Rivera would just have a passing nice voice like Diana (although I think Diana showed she’s talented with what she can do with her voice in singing Man’s World), but when I heard her sing, I think she already out sings Rachel. Her voice is strong and nice and I’ve already heard more variety from her in the 2-3 songs she’s had solos in than in Rachel’s 50 solos a show. Personally. I really don’t think Lea Michele is that talented. I’ve heard many voices just like hers or even better from the local performing arts high school and she has not shown any talent with her voice. It’s all put on emotion and over done, and every song done the same way. It shows an extreme lack of talent imo. Yeah, God gave her a nice voice but what’s she doing with it?

  4. soundsensitive says:

    Jon Groff is a Broadway material just like Lea MIchelle, its quality material like these that always skims up to the top, at the end of the day, when push comes to shove, fine theater experience always shows compared to sheer luck to the draw acting, which is equal to cheap shots. REAL actors draw deep from such training and experience to delivery from their characterization as opposed to sheer aethetic coverage as what sheer TV make-up does-up. Some bit players mistake make-up/costume which is for lighting and genre purposes as something that actual portrays the character and forgets that it’s their actual method acting of the character that delivers. But then again, method again is part of theater training such that Broadway actors are trained to deliver.

    My question is, IS method acting something that charise can deliver in the same quality that Jon Groff and Lea Michelle can deliver??

    The sheer disappointing act of botoxing and other synthetic umbrage that charice has done to her face in an obvious effort to augment the character she is suppose to play in Glee, shows her fixation in the insignificant and appears to not be unaware that what counts in true quality characterization method acting is to simply “TO BE”. But since, she has NO training in ‘THE METHOD”, it’s understandable that she has nothing to draw upon in ‘how to simply be’. It’s sad that Glee stands for the natural acceptance of one self and her role is suppose to portray that role.

    What she will be portraying from the get go….is a SAD misrepresentation of her character!

    SO, charice thinks that botoxing her face will solve the method and somehow she will be. Somehow, the quality of how she will deliver is quite predictable by the simple logic of her first mis-steps.

  5. Jimmy White says:

    This is an article from someone, somewhere with a substandard intelligence! I am an american and I pity a monkey like you, good that you seem to be an animal! I love to see Charice to be famous here in the US!

  6. ShinYae says:

    and this post has nothing but biases and more biases. and for you tojust disregard charice’s singing ability like it’s a normal thing you hear, then you haven’t watched broadway. lea michele sounds almost the same as every other girl who gets the chance in the lead role. so she can sing pretty decent, yes, extraordinary? i don’t think so.

      • Eugene says:

        Have you seen and heard Lea sing LIVE? You cannot compare the two if you don’t see her sing live. Charice is the best LIVE vocal performer and it is hard for you to accept it because she’s not your typical pinay idol. 🙂 You’re just mad because your idols are still in the Philippines and nobody invited them to be on the American TV Show. Don’t judge Charice now, wait when you see her on the show, then you can say whatever you want. Why is it that pinoy is always the one who brings their own down. Why don’t you write your idol instead since you don’t like Charice? Why spend your time blogging, criticizing her? I forgot, Charice has so many fans and ready to defend her and that cause traffic to your blog, whereas if you blog about your favorite artists in the Philippines, nobody would pay attention to blog. bwahahahaha. Fellow Chasters, we need to ignore this stupid blogger who wants attention! He is a moron and should be stoned or use grenades. Ooppsss, that is his name!!!!! bwahahahaha.

  7. stacy_ says:

    1. This blogsite is full of negativity. Are all Filipino bloggers like this guy? I hope not. Here’s one obnoxious-pretentious real monkey trying to get the attention of Glee and Charice fans for unsolicited hits on his pathetic blogsite. I’d probably leave now, but I can make use of this little break time to entertain myself.
    2. Ryan Murphy knows better so I am giving Charice a chance. She’s new and she’s still learning. You can’t just expect her to act like Lea overnight. The people behind Glee saw something special about her, that’s why she got the role, just like those who appeared on the show.
    3. Charice and Lea have different singing styles so there’s really no point in comparing them. I like them; both are talented. Let’s compare their characters when the season begins! They might actually end up as best friends in the show or in real life.
    4. Has anyone heard of Lea Salonga from the Philippines? Love that lady. I watched her in London years ago and she’s the real broadway talent. I heard she raves about Charice, unlike some Filipinos who have nothing to say but all the negatives.

      • stacy_ says:

        On the contrary, I am not, but she’s quite popular here and I’ve watched her couple of times on local. I like Glee, though, thus my comments. Just because I know pieces of info about Charice doesn’t mean I am a fan. That’s common sense, kiddo. You know what obsession is? It’s when you hate Charice a lot but your blogs are all about her, all for your so-called self-righteous indignation. CWS in its subtle form.

      • Your comment is so amusing, to say the least. It’s clear that you only viewed the Charice part of the blog when this blog covers a variety of topics. Thus, I rest my case with your obsession.

    • mc says:

      hahahha..both of them are brilliant singers. its just that they have their own ways of breathing out their unique voices. i am a chaster. i don’t conform to the impression that cha has no feelings expressed when singing. maybe they are right that cha does not have this competent acting skills compare to lea michelle and the rest of the casts, but who knows that cha is now working out on it since the got big producers in the show who’s ready to invest on cha. lets just see them this sept 21st! 🙂

  8. stacy_ says:

    Saw the author’s profile. Only 15. That explains it. But how come he thinks like a 5-year old? Mom and dad must be proud.

  9. Streetcred says:

    @stonegrenades is not the first, nor will be last to overlook a special talent like Charice; nor is he/she the first to express his/her antipathies. As a matter of fact, all of us have our dislikes. For instance, I personally don’t like Kat De Luna because I saw her perform LIVE and she lip-synched throughout her performance — a pet peeve of mine. I also don’t like Kesha because her music, in my opinion, is trashy and she can’t hold a note to save her life…

    There is nothing wrong with having these opinions.

    BUT, I do have to say this; That there something quite SAD and UNNERVING when you witness a person — who NOT only takes ‘ample’ liberty in conveying their dislikes — but even going out of his or her way to spread further enmity and loathing on their twitter account, their blogs, etc. and attaining pure satisfaction from this.

    It’s almost like a ‘neurosis’ of some sort…

    I hope you figure it out one day, @stonegrenades. My sympathies to you, young-in…

      • Streetcred says:

        I never said they’re “pure trash”. You did. I just used my distaste for Kesha/Kat de Luna as an example of “normal” antipathy, which is far and away from your case of neurotic, hate-filled mongering towards Charice.

        When you judge another, you do not define them; YOU DEFINE YOURSELF.

        Again, my sympathies.

      • You just don’t get sarcasm, don’t you?

        Wow, where’d you get that quote? From your illogical mind which follows no basis at all?

        stonegrenades. :p

  10. Streetcred says:

    what you lack in decorum is made up for with an absence of tact. with all due respect, you neither have a clue or an inkling what sarcasm is. “Ke$ha and Kat de Luna. Pure trash” can NEVER be sarcastic in nature. Adding a smiley face doesn’t help the case, either.

    Perhaps its the drastic deterioration of savvy & sensibilities among children your age, or simply a lack of personal breeding; either way, you neither have the acumen or the intellectual faculty to go head-on with rationale. Then again, at 15, maturity is usually overwhelmed by pubescent anxieties and ego-driven, hate-filled dispositions.

    and lastly, “sympathy” should only derive from the party that has enough ‘heart’ & humanity to extend it. therefore, my utmost sympathies to your cause, kiddo. Give it five more years and you’ll look back at all this hate-filled, ‘unexamined’ phase with utmost embarrassment, and perhaps ushering the way to your ‘delayed’ entry into manhood…

  11. proudtobeasian says:

    i don’t understand why caucasian people always refer to asian as monkeys.. Don’t they know that they also look like Rat Lab Albinos with pale complexion…. Like duh… I like Lea Michele in terms of acting ang singing but i disagree when you said that she can reach high and low notes. I just watched her performance on youtube singing a little fall of rain and she even struggle to hit the low notes compared to Lea Salonga. She just then focused on her acting just to compensate her hard to reach low notes… with Charice i think she’s good and those haters are just plainly insecure about her singing prowess… Just ask David Foster and she’ll tell why she’s a protege!

  12. daskirtz says:

    back off chasters, let the blogger say whatever he/she wants about Charice, people are entitled to have ther own opinion, its not gonna help any good to trash talk anyone who comes along and doesnt like Charice. Not a perfect world, there will be those who love her and those that hate hair. This whole article is just based on someone’s opinion. Besides, everyone loves to judge.

    • Streetcred says:

      “…people are entitled to have their own opinion.”

      The folks who detest this blog’s hate-mongering rants and tweets — all maliciously directed at Charice and resentfully done to antagonize her fans — are verily entitled to our retort. Your cry for fairness only makes sense if you respect both camps. Therefore, you should step back respect the opinions raised here — whether it be from us, or from this spite-filled blogger…

  13. Bookworm51485 says:

    I see someone lives up Lea Michele’s a$$. I’m not a huge fan of Charice, but she can outsing Lea Michele any day. Not only in terms of the voice God gave her, but talent-wise as well. Lea Michele doesn’t seem to know how to sing but one way and the one way got boring really quickly.

  14. jartz says:

    What a comment!!! So, you cannot take anymore your HATRED (i’m sorry if I sensed it) and ENVY or JEALOUSY. It seems that the rise of Charice really consumes you, ha. Oh, what a poor GUY! The sad thing is you are criticizing your fellow pinoy. Yes, there is nothing wrong expressing your opinion. BUT saying you are MONKEY is too much, not unless you believe in Evolutionism. I’m sorry but this only my opinion.

  15. :/ says:

    Can we just respect his opinion? He doesn’t like Charice, fine. I think Charice is very talented. I am not going to rant about how “stupid” he or she is for merely having an opinion. Not everyone is going to like the same singer you do. I saw someone remark that his blog is full of hating rants directed to Charice. That I don’t agree with. She is merely an 18 year-old, trying to fulfill her ambitions and aspirations. If you dislike her singing, it’s ok if you decide to express it in one blog entry, just don’t make everything you write be about not liking Charice’s singing. The whole “Lea Michelle VS. Charice” smackdown concept is pushing the limits. Both have their style of singing, one is not better than the other. Charice is more of a soul singer, who possesses power in her voice. However, Lea’s voice possesses more range. I have not seen Charice attempt to sing songs OTHER than the “classics from legends”, and that is fine, she is very talented and amazing at singing the songs. I am sure I will see what she can sing other than those songs on Glee. Lea has already sung a variety of songs, from pop to soft rock, which makes me believe that her voice is versatile. Again, I am sure Charice’s voice is versatile as well, we will see her sing “Telephone” and “Listen” on Glee, and I cannot wait. Adore them both.

    • jartz says:

      Thanks for the reminder. “Don’t do unto others if you don’t other do it unto you”. How could you respect this person if he is disrespecting others. Not liking Charice’s talent is fine, but saying you are a monkey is already below the belt. It’s not anymore a OPINION, right? From what you are saying saying demonstrates that you know more about Lea than Charice. Well, if you want help, try and look at these (not for convincing, only info):

      You want vocal range? (Note: these are all her OWN songs in her first US Album which contains different genres of music)

      If want talent and versatility (just a few):

      If you want to know her more: http://www.charicemania.com/2010/09/20/editorial/welcome-glee-fans/


    • Streetcred says:

      @ :/ — You should really read what this blogger publishes on his twitter account. Most of his virulent rants are in Tagalog (Filipino language) so perhaps you have no way to understand it. This blogger doesn’t just hate Charice as a singer. He loathes her, and he rants about it every chance he gets. For instance, he denigrates the child with insults and vile names — terms I wouldn’t even wanna type here. These kinds of insults are far from being considered “opinion”.

      • :/ says:

        Ah, I see. Now that is something pushing the limits extremely. I considered this entry “an opinion” however, judging by how you describe his other entries, it seems that he is one tyrannical hater. I appreciate you taking the time to tell me 🙂

      • I would just like to state that my Twitter is for personal reasons as opposed to this blog. Just Keeping the professionalism that it shows by giving the blunt truth for I firmly believe that these Chasters are all around the internet continuously searching for negative Charice news and ostracizing these people who are merely giving out their opinion because they believe that Charice should only be given positive feedback not the negative; one evidence of such fact is how they criticized an American critic for not giving Charice’s album a positive feedback.

        I seriously believe that it is stupid to accept one side of the story without knowing the other side as well. Thank you and have a good day.

  16. john says:

    talents like lea Michele are a dime a dozen in manila. charice on the other hand has skill and talent other people can only dream of. it’s sad to know pinoy like you would write something demeaning as this.

    charice’s singing is definitely exceptional. you’re probably deaf or stupid to notice it.

  17. Lyn says:

    I have to say that people are entitled to their opinion and they have the right to voice out their opinion. Maybe the author just wants the best for the show. I agree with him that some characters in the show are not yet properly showcased and developed. I am disappointed that some characters were not yet given that much attention. I would love to see the story of Artie and would definitely like to see more of Britney’s dancing and Santana’s voice. However, the way he said his opinion is horrible because he is calling RM stupid and he is bringing people down.

    To the author, I think RM knows what he is doing, otherwise the show wouldn’t still be successful in the ratings department. He is doing some experimenting (that’s why we saw Britney, and soon we will see Gwyneth, and who knows who other will guest in Glee) and you should hand it to him that he knows that getting Charice to appear in the show will boost the popularity of show in the Asian nations especially the Philippines. I know what you are thinking, just what we need another Asian? I think knowing that Filipinos support each other pretty well(of course there are exceptions such as this one), RM may have thought that if more people started watching Glee and started blogging about it whether positively or negatively(again,such as this one), he would still be able to sustain and boost his shows ratings. Note that most non-Glee fans in the Philippines are now certified Gleeks because of Charice. Even without her, people who watched her in the premiere episode of Glee season 2 bought or downloaded copies of season 1 to keep up with the storylines. So regardless as to whether she is in it or not, these people will still watch Glee. She opened a window of opportunity not only for herself, but also for the show. I think that you should give her and RM that credit. Note that Brittany was brought in the show as a “guest” to teach the Single Ladies dance moves (because she was a backup dancer for Beyonce herself) but she gave the show a little air of comedy with her funny one-liners which is why she was promoted as a season regular. RM is trying to experiment a little with Glee because he doesn’t want the show to be too monotonous. I believe that he intends to show us more about the lead characters and at the same time, he introduced new characters to develop the characters of his lead stars. He used Beiste to give more meat to the character of Sue, Sam to make sure Quinn has a better love interest than Puck, Blaine to expand possibilities in Kurt’s character, and finally Sunshine to make sure we see Rachel’s not-so-dark side without Rachel becoming evil towards the Glee regulars we have come to love. If you are a fan of the show you would have appreciated the “guest stars” who make Glee episodes more exciting & I’m sure RM will showcase regulars in the next episodes.

    Everyone in Glee including Mercedes and Kurt(who both can sing really well) bowed down to Rachel. It would be a little too passe to use other Glee lead members as a “rival” to Rachel so RM brought it a new kid. If it works out then it’s a good thing, if it doesn’t, then we won’t be seeing Charice in 3rd Season. However, hoping for someone else to fail isn’t a good thing. What would you feel if someone tries to bring you down? Give all of them a chance, I’m sure they know what they are doing. It’s okay to voice out your opinion anyway it’s the opinion of the people they hold dear that matters. Maybe you think that your opinion counts but it doesn’t. Hate all you want and call people dumb and stupid, they won’t know about it because they are better than you, me, or most of us… they have what it takes to earn big bucks and become really popular without stepping on anybody and bringing people down. I am not a fan of Charice but I do find her really interesting to watch. Stop bashing and calling people “monkeys”, you are not as smart as you think you are, because if you were, your opinions would have mattered to any of the people you are bringing down. Guess what? They don’t. 😉 So stop bashing and just enjoy Glee IF you are really a Glee fan that is.

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