The Importance of Effective Communication (Oratorical Speech)

Breaking Barriers and Empowering Lives Through Effective Communication

by: Aidrian V. Bolanio

A great war merely caused by some misunderstanding between two nations, citizens revolting due to some misinterpretation with the President’s action, and a man unaccepted by an employer because of the way he talks. What do all those three have in common? They are all products of ineffective communication. You see how poor communication goes?  They could be the source of the detrimental things that would not only affect ourselves, but others as well.

Having the gift of gab is not an assurance of achieving effective communication. Due to the fact that we are in the technological age, there are already various ways of communication which do not concern any kind of vocal usage. For example, when talking to a deaf person, you don’t talk with your mouth. Instead, you use sign languages or you write. When talking to people in the other side of the world through the internet, you usually chat through instant messaging. Sometimes, people use gestures so as to further emphasize their points – oftentimes accompanying it with facial expressions. Having a good accent accompanied with good enunciation and proper grammar doesn’t ensure effective communication. It also entails good rapport and some conviction noticeable in your tone. Your gestures also affect the way you deliver your message.

With effective communication, there won’t be any misinterpretations nor misunderstandings. As my English teacher once said, words can either make or break. That is why we have to be careful of whatever comes out from our mouths. We could either destroy lives or empower lives for the betterment of the national and global community. As we empower lives, we strengthen one’s will and spirit in achieving total success which could not only benefit his self, but for us as well.

In a society where conflicts start due to malentendus which are a result of improper analysis and understanding, there is a need to break that particular barrier so as to eliminate the detrimental effect that it will lead to if we prevail its tolerance. It is but not a fact that there are various interpretations of a story oftentimes people skipping some details because a person cannot exactly remember the words being used in that particular story; thus, revising some parts albeit similar in words, but vague in thought. That is another barrier we should demolish.

When we talk about barriers, we just consider this thought: “Barriers are obstacles that inhibit us from achieving what we pursuit.” Effective Communication’s goal is to relay every message with clear thought and understanding. Another reason why we should be sure of which is which like to differentiate factual from fictitious. Also, what we mean of what we say may be different from another perspective.

That is why schools are established so as to train students on how they should communicate effectively with one another because when we grow up, we’ll be interacting with a lot of people. That’s why schools continue to teach students Communication Arts so as to prepare these students in real life. With the right guidance by competent teachers and staff, these students may grow up to become great communicators, some of them may even be ambassadors to other countries.

With effective communication breaking the barriers and empowering lives, we could have less misunderstandings and conflicts and we could all unite. When all of us are united, we can make the world a better place – a place worth living, a place worth remembering and passing on to the next generation. Together, as one community, we can attain our goals and aspirations. Who knows? With our knowledge on effective communication, we can achieve world peace. Adelante!


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