Glee bades a weak Finale

Glee`s Season 1 Finale was a disappointing tearjerker. The songs chosen were awesome excluding Somewhere Over the Rainbow. The episode was fast-paced albeit a bit tasteless – hanging due to an informal closure. The finale episode was another one of the “Back 9 trashes.”

The First 13 episodes of Glee were awesome. The Back 9 had storylines that sucked (maybe because of the time restraints and the sudden rush), but also had its shining moments. The finale doesn’t make any difference. It’s quite predictable actually. As I was watching the show, I had already made these predictions:

  • Sue Sylvester was gonna choose New Directions.
  • Glee gets another year
  • Shelby Corcoran adopts Baby Beth
  • Vocal Adrenaline wins Regionals
  • Aural Intensity is the runner-up
  • New Directions loses

I’ve gotta say, I have never seen Sue Sylvester slammed. Olivia Newton-John was a bitch. I was practically stunned that she said that to Sue. I loved how they juxtaposed Bohemian Rhapsody with Quinn’s labor which probably added some flavor on VocAd’s performance, but the Journey Medley was certainly better, objectively saying. What happened to the Vocal Adrenaline that gave us Rehab? I mean, Rehab was better than Bohemian Rhapsody. The opera part of Bohemian Rhapsody was great, but then it sucked when it reached the rock part.

The “Unscripted” Will & Emma Kiss was good. Another Wemma kiss for another finale.  I was a bit shocked on Emma arguing/yelling with Mr. Figgins.

Another problem of mine with Glee is inconsistency. I thought the mother-daughter thing between Rachel and Shelby was over. Turns out, they just had another mother-daughter talk.

The Glee kids gave Will Schuester a good To Sir, With Love. It was nice hearing them talk (esp. Matt and Mike) and know how they were before they went to Glee club. It has been a long journey indeed.

To repay the Glee kids, Will called on Puck and together, and together they sung “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” Please, the song sucked, the performance sucked and that ended the show right there. Please, this was the WORST way of ending the episode, if not the whole season.


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