Pilipinas Got Talent – Credible?

The Got Talent franchise has been spread all around the world. From Britain’s Got Talent to America’s Got Talent, this franchise has been one of the most popular reality shows in boob tube and in the internet. Now, Philippines gets to have its own franchise which is now called Pilipinas Got Talent – bought by local major network, ABS-CBN.

(A similar show called Talentadong Pinoy went first before PGT and it was, and still is, aired on a rival network, TV5.)

PGT has 3 judges consisting of: ABS-CBN executive, Freddie M. Garcia (FMG),  Queen of Talk shows, Ms. Kris Aquino-Yap, and Comedy Queen Ms. Ai-Ai de las Alas. It certainly cannot be denied that each person has their own subjectivity. That includes the judges. However, being a judge, you shouldn’t do things that would question your impartiality. Unlike what Kris Aquino did. Here’s her tweet:

On Saturday 29th May 2010, @itsmekrisaquino said:

Please do me a favor- the yaya of baby james, gerbel- her cousins joined Pilipinas Got Talent. If they get most text votes automatic they’ll be in the finals. If they aren’t #1 will be awkward for me to vote for them to make it to finals. Pls vote na for them tonight so that my credibility & impartiality won’t be questioned? For globe text 2331 PGT LUNTAYAO. For Smart text 231 PGT LUNTAYAO

Being a judge of a certain competition, you should know your boundaries. Because you have such a large impact on people, you shouldn’t use your public image to PROMOTE certain contestants, especially off-cam. I mean, what about those contestants who don’t have the same connections? When you judge, just judge. Don’t do anything else that would question your impartiality. What’s stupid about that tweet is that people will become more skeptical of her credibility and impartiality because of her promotion. It clearly doesn’t make a difference when she chooses contestants.

Another criticism of that show. I thought this was about uniqueness and which one has more talent. When the judges were choosing between Fame (opera singer) and Sherwin (Singer), FMG picked Fame who obviously is more talented and has the star quality while the female judges picked Sherwin simply because “they understood what he was singing and that he had the bigger impact on the audience since she (Kris Aquino) heard Luis Manzano & Billy Crawford (PGT Hosts) sing Sherwin’s song.” What’s stupid in this comment is that Fame had the larger number of text votes compared to Sherwin; therefore, Fame had the bigger impact compared to Sherwin. Also, Paul Potts (BGT Contestant) won the first ever Britain’s Got Talent. He was an opera singer. During the course of the show, he sang Nessun dorma. He received a standing ovation for that performance. BTW, Nessun dorma has lyrics which aren’t English.  That invalidates all those statements issued by the judges who didn’t choose her. My god! Sherwin’s just your generic singer from the clubs.

Sometimes, the judges have lots of dead-airs everytime they give comments. They just say 5 words or so and that’s about it. Also, why does Ai-ai include her children everytime she judges a particular contestant? There were also times that they were hesitant to use the buzzers to the extent that they had to wait for one judge to buzz so that all of them could buzz. They should also know how to distinguish a one-trick pony from ones who could improve.

It’s not all about the judges though. The numerous technical errors on PGT have created a lot of buzz. Like Keith’s sound system errors and KAPIDAMU’s TV screen errors. What’s terrible about this is that the only reason they could come up with is because ”they’re live?!” I mean, what kind of reason is that?

Pilipinas Got Talent should fix things up right now or else, they’re going to butcher one of the greatest franchises of the world. Now, with all that said, PILIPINAS GOT TALENT – CREDIBLE?


8 thoughts on “Pilipinas Got Talent – Credible?

    • TP has better contestants. I saw the dancing yo-yo kid, kids who sang Defying Gravity and were in Elphaba and Glinda (Wicked) costumes. Also, their judges know a lot when it comes to talent.

      • Great, the first Grand Champion, the Yoyo Tricker. Seriously, the poet Makata Tawanan should have won the battle of the champions or the ventriloquist, Wanlu.

        Here’s a sample of Makata’s performance.

  1. Edward says:

    The judges are stupid and have no credibility. I almost threw up when they chose Sherwin over Fame and vowed to not watch the show again. Fame silenced Kris when she said that nothing can stop her from singing classical songs. She’ll do well.

  2. Edward says:

    The judges are stupid and have no credibility. I almost threw up when they chose Sherwin over Fame, and vowed to not watch the show again. Fame silenced Kris when she said that nothing can stop her from singing classical songs. She’ll do well.

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