Pinoy Big Brother: Tricia Edition

Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition: Clash of 2010 is all about a single person – Patricia Mae “Tricia” Santos. There’s no doubt that the show is all about her.  From PrimeTime edits to her exemptions from violations, she really is the STAR of the show. Every single PrimeTime episode has been edited to her advantage – treating her as this misfit girl who is having difficulty coping up with the situation inside the Big Brother House. Every person who watches the Livestream knows what kind of person she is. Even the housemates know what kind of person she is. After all, they are the people who are with her as the show progresses, and Tricia being nominated countless times is already enough proof that she indeed is a terrible person.

Tricia has been given special treatment in the show. Having a psychologist check her out, Big Brother giving the housemates a task about Tricia’s attitude, tolerating Tricia’s violations, and much more! Due to the circumstances, Tricia has developed a “loyal” fanbase and an army of haters. Week after week, Tricia has been nominated by her housemates and week after week, she has been the highest vote-getter.  Because of this, many speculations sparked (e.g. she’s the niece of Malou Santos, voting manipulation and the like) controversy.

Tricia has been the talk of the town. She seriously needs to go. She’s a good-for-nothing attention-seeker. I find it ridiculous that people idolize her. They think she deserves to be the Big Winner because siya ‘yong nagpapakatotoo. I believe she’s fake. She forcibly cries, all she wants is attention. What good does pagpapakatotoo bring when your attitude is hated by everyone? Yeah, you could say she’s “trying” to change, but where’s the effect? As far as I know, it’s been weeks since she’s been there and she still remains to be the most hated housemate in the show.

If there’s a good model in that PBB house, it would have to be Fretzie. Fretzie’s the total opposite of Tricia. Fretzie’s nonchalant and she knows how to deal with people. She hasn’t been nominated and that’s enough proof to show how good she is. She’s certainly not a wallflower. If she were, she wouldn’t be praised every single task.

This season’s all about Tricia. Tricia has been bringing the bucks in this season. She’s giving the ratings. What’s bad about this is that this show revolves around Tricia and nothing else. Here’s hoping she won’t be the Big Winner.


7 thoughts on “Pinoy Big Brother: Tricia Edition

  1. mary says:

    It seems to me that PBB is allowing and sanctioning a “spoiled brat, histrionic girl” like Trisha to be given all the leeways, all the attention, all the understanding to the detriment of all the other teenagers inside the PBB. It is so obvious that they are favoring this spoiled kid just because she is the youngest, and because she is the prettiest? Oh come on, I thought that this show is for the most deserving individual, not for someone who causes anger and disunity amongst the other people inside the house. Tricia should be kicked out long ago, she is not a good role model for the kids. She comes too strong to the guys, flirting with them, getting their attention even to the point of annoying the guys. Isnt that funny, I would expect the girls to hate her and be jealous of her because she is the prettiest, but even the boys dont like her too! Why is that? because she is so false, so plastic, so annoying, so bratty, and so flirty, so maarte, that even the guys get offended. Big Brother should kick her out coz she just causes disunity and uncomfortableness among the other teensters! Tricia should learn how to make pakisama to all of them, not the other way around. Its she that is at fault, there is something wrong with her personality (her parents didnt teach her well enough when she was younger, not admonish her well enough, they made her a brat by giving in to all her whims and caprices), so she has to come down from her high horse, and learn how to mingle with everyone. If she cant do that, then the door is wide open! And let the other teenagers who are well mannered inside the PBB to continue having fun!

  2. Nade says:

    I have to say that I mostly agree with you, but your words do not come to me as truthful and objective at all. To say that the season “is all about a single person (Tricia)” is quite a strong supposition, which seems rather contradictory. If the PBB Teen Clash 2010 is all about Tricia, how have you managed to single out Fretzie (or any other housemate, by extension) as a “good model”? Certainly you must have noticed Fretzie. That, then, doesn’t really jibe with your opinion that the show is all about a single person, since you have noticed some other person/s in the show apart from Tricia.

    “Good-for-nothing attention-seeker”, eh? I heartily agree with the “attention-seeker” bit, but why say “good-for-nothing”? Do you seriously believe that you know Tricia well enough to posit that she is worthless? I think you’re being too judgmental here. But we’re on the same page in finding those who idolize Tricia ridiculous.

    I respect your opinion that Tricia is a fake, as opposed to those who say that Tricia is “nagpapakatotoo”. However, I would like to point out that her forced (?) crying and her wanting of attention are, in fact, signs of her being herself. She shows herself just as she is (crybaby, attention-seeking), although she might not really be fully conscious of it.

    Oh. I do not, however, approve of the point your rhetorical question “What good does pagpapakatotoo bring when your attitude is hated by everyone?” is trying to make. Am I to infer from that question that one had better not be true to oneself if one is hated by everyone? I see that that is quite a roundabout way of suggesting that people should try not to be hated by everyone, which is not very far from saying that people should please everyone — which is pathetically unrealistic, since whatever people do, true to themselves or not, someone is bound to hate them.

    That said, saying that everyone hates Tricia also doesn’t make a good case — have you talked to her outside-PBB-house friends? Her family? Biased though they will probably be, the fact still is that not everyone hates Tricia.

    Let me get this point across, by the way: I do not like Tricia. She gets into my nerves because, histrionic or not, I do not like drama queens. The point I am trying to make in this comment of mine is that, as mere observants and watchers of PBB, let us try to be a bit more considerate and objective in speaking our minds.

    Oh, and here’s another one wishing Tricia not be the Big Winner. 😉


  3. I totally agree with all that you have said. It’s as if everything had been done was for Tricia’s benefit, like making her look as the someone who’s really kind and good… that there’s just a disorder. YUCKY. I feel disgusted with what’s going on there… really.

  4. Kirsten says:

    Nade, I did not oppose to what you say. Just like to inform you that people notice Fretzie and the other housemates not because of the favorable things that prime time show to us. But we noticed them because we watch live stream. . . In fact through LIVE STREAM we know that there is something with Tricia and not because of what we see in prime time. . . We all know that prime time building up Tricia. Making her a very pity in the eyes of viewers, while the other housemates is the kontrabida. . . . We subscribe LIVE STREAM to know whats really going on inside the pbb house. And we really did see the difference between the live stream and the prime time. Though live stream is boring sometimes but at least it’s genuine and true while the prime time is half lies half truth. It’s obviously edited making one person a star. . .

  5. Bonita says:

    Fritzie? Fritzie? Hahahaha….watch LIVE STREAM , look at her, anyone in the right mind wouldn’t be as freakishly flirty with Patrick as her…AND get the nerve to say oh were just friends for me! If you had a boyfriend like Patrick I bet you’d slap him ryt when he’s out and you really wouldn’t ‘love’ fritzie.. Cmon the guy has a patient pretty GF waiting outside! They were both being stupid…. Tricia cries, she’s sensitive, she’s still like a kid, SO WHAT? is that a valid reason to hate her? Id prefer to be stranded on an island with her than with the other backstabbers who are although elder than her and have gone through many things in life, still are immature and don’t know how to handle decent beforehand confrontations and apologies..

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