Lee DeWyze is American Idol 2010

Lee DeWyze and XtalOne helluva ride, American Idol Season 9 has been. We`ve witnessed High school students, a glassblower, a waitress, moms and dads. Generally speaking, all the normal people you`d see walking down the streets in a typical day. The catch was, these everyday people were singing in front of a live audience and on television sets worldwide. Each week, a contestant goes home and loses the chance of becoming the American Idol. That’s what happened and  it all boiled down to the single mother and the paint salesman.

Crystal Bowersox, the single mom front-runner was clearly the one I predicted to become the winner. Not only did she slammed Lee DeWyze during the Final Showdown and in the Finale proper, but she also was the most consistent contestant ever since I first saw her on HollyWood week. Knowing Idol history and the accuracy of Dial Idol ever since it first appeared on Season 4, Crystal won’t win it but Lee DeWyze. I was right.

American Idol viewers aren’t really fans of the early front-runners (See Doolittle, Archuleta, Lambert). They’re more on the guy-who-improved-as-the-show-progressed arc. Like Lee’s predecessor, Kris Allen, Lee had shown improvement every single week and his Studio Recordings were pleasant to the ear. Though, I would have preferred Crystal winning this show since she was good both live and on studio and she was the one who really deserved the title. With that theory, I believe that viewers would love to hear a variety and a sense of change rather than seeing the same thing and expecting something great as usual. But I still stand by my bet.

With only a 2% difference, Lee had trumped Crystal Bowersox – much to the disappointment of critics and reviewers. I guess the BeLEEvers triumphed. Though, I was predicting a Siobhan-Crystal or favored a Siobhan-Katie final, this was still a great final two. I guess Lee’s gonna have a good career. He is, after all, the first Season 9 Idol who has hit the Billboard charts with his pre-Idol music. A Beautiful Day ahead for Lee!

We’re surely going to miss American Idol. We say goodbye to Simon Cowell indefinitely. He won’t be appearing on Idol anymore. Don’t worry, we’re definitely seeing him on X Factor UK, X Factor US and Britain’s Got Talent. Till’ then. CONGRATULATIONS LEE DEWYZE. Our New American Idol.


One thought on “Lee DeWyze is American Idol 2010

  1. That ‘viewers aren’t really fans of the early front-runners’ statement is an interesting point. I mean, lately, the finalists who own during Final Performance night end up as the runners-up (Archuleta, Lambert, and now, Bowersox). Is this another reason why Simon is leaving, because the people don’t vote for who he crowns anymore? Kidding.

    True, Simon will be missed on ‘Idol’. Whoever will replace him has big shoes (and a big, black shirt) to fill.

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