Wowowee without Willie

The highest-rating noontime show on Philippine Television has been experiencing problems lately. The main host of Wowowee, Willie Revillame has threatened to leave his show if Jobert Sucaldito would not apologize for his remarks. Willie was serious.

Day after day, Willie is absent and ratings are fluctuating at their worst. Even with the likes of comedian Pokwang (Marietta Subong) and the talkative Mariel Rodriguez (Mariel Termulo) along with the other gorgeous female hosts, the show just couldn’t get their ratings up to surpass rival show Eat Bulaga. Rumors surfaced in the news on as to who will replace Mr. Wowowee. Names like Vhong Navarro appeared and some more buzz followed after announcing that an “idol” will be the special host of Wowowee.

Saturday, May 15, 2010. The special guest host appeared in a motor-biker costume along with the helmet to cover his identity. Later revealed to be Mr. Robin Padilla, eyes were curious if he can live up to the hype Willie created in the show. Robin, being the composed gentleman that he is, created a different atmosphere in the show – different from what the talkative, loud Willie created. Thankfully, Robin did not have a difficulty in hosting the show, for locals Pokwang and Mariel helped him in doing his job.

So far, the show’s turning out fine. With emotional sob-stories and laughable comedic acts from the show’s contestants together with the fine hosts, Wowowee can still survive without Willie. In fact, Wowowee’s turning out for the better as Willie’s over-the-top jokes/insults are replaced by Robin’s loverboy attitude that still has a touch of humor that has the women giggling on their TV sets and on the audience.

The question now is: Should Willie Revillame go back on Wowowee? My answer would be: Nevermind. The show’s doing a whole lot better without him. Besides, we don’t need another big-headed guy who’s just gonna bring a whole lotta problems on the network.


2 thoughts on “Wowowee without Willie

    • alex lucas says:

      I ‘ve watched wowwowee in abs cbn I understand to all you kakabayan diyan sa pilipinas that you all now got rid of willie the finanest host who you voted not to go back as the host of wowwowee host . when willie had this show it was a very commented show about him cause . look 2 the bright side everyone was more happier to the show .,lots of laughter and of course sadness also when comes to poor audience . willie has help lots of poor people there and I even shed tears just watching how the poor people lived it out willie . of course everyone makes mistakes and how how could everybody say that he’s not perfect or snabb or etc…….. .now you alll waited too long about this incedence where between him and the other person ( who ever his name is ) made this kind of decision. I would;’nt even apologies to this person and fdor what but because of willie and then I understand and the person he got into was gay ? where is your sence of humor . you all lost the best host perfdormance regardless of his altitude . why is it willie or is it because the person he got into with desagree for some kind of discussion . Look @ the show now ” filipinas win na win ” I dont even see anyone enjoying the show right now there is no laughter @ all in the audience but instead of seeing the camera personnel wave to the audience for them to wave also. abs- cbn I don’t take ones side you thake that person aside and have to apologies to willie so that the show still remain as wowwoowee . and lets get serious about it right now I ” don’t see that pilipnas win na win is not working out especially with kris and robin as host or put a different name on the show and to mr robin you being a host now ., you should not wear cloths like you were wearing with a half sirt and pants with holes . I dont think I want to see you tattooooooos so if you are also going to be host on the show ? dress up right and show yourself like you have talent . your show sucks and its so boring that I have ti turn off the TV now , or I’ll just take of TFC of from direct tv cause you and evryone in the is wasting tax payers money . I will have to unsubscribe my TFC and don’t wach no more filipino channel. I hope the televiewers see it that they should also do the same . cause you also say lots of meaning words to the person that just quit and decided not to come back due to misunderstanding between the director ????wake up everyone whose watching the show now ……………………………………/////////////////////////////////////////////////////

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