I have never seen such kind of fans

This goes to everyone. Most especially the Chasters.

You know fans are obnoxious if:

  • They keep searching about their idol in the internet
  • An unpopular blog that talks about their idol gets a hundred page views on that content alone
  • They resort to sock puppetry
  • They don’t accept criticisms of their idol
  • They think their idol should only receive praise and nothing else
  • They claim that their idol undermines the legends

As a fan too, I understand what it’s like having favorites. However, I don`t go way overboard. I understand that there will always be haters when it comes to my favorites since they’re not actually everyone’s cup of tea. With an open mind, I read critics’ reviews. Though I disagree with them (e.g. Panic! At the Disco – A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out), I still respect their view since it’s their perspective and not mine. Besides, I have my opinion.

I really don’t go on sites and say “You can’t say that to her!! She is the best!! You’re just a stupid ignorant and I really don’t think you’re a reviewer” or “You’re biased! Unworthy of a reviewer!” Biased? In your part, isn’t it biased too since you’re practically defending idol and forcing the reviewer to write a positive review about your idol? Puhlease, it’s not like your idol’s the only thing hip that’s going on around the world.

As reviewers, we wouldn’t be honest enough if we were writing something false. If you disagree with the reviewer, then fine! Write your own goddamn review and let your fellow fans see it so you can have some get-together and be happy in your petty lives.

My opinion, mine. Your opinion, yours. DEAL WITH IT.


Your IP Addresses are seen so I know the sock puppetry going on around here.


5 thoughts on “I have never seen such kind of fans

  1. soundsensitive says:

    i think your blog is fair…unforced and straight-in-your-face….you say it as it is…keep it up!

  2. soundsensitive says:

    …thought I’d pick this smidgen (#7) out of a few rocks from this article …it’s pretty curious…

    “20 Warning Signs That Your Content Sucks….”

    (7.) You’ve never received hate mail

    The opposite is also true. If your content is good, you’ll always have a small but vocal group of people who think you’re wrong, rude, or inconsiderate. They are the righteous majority for moral authority, and nothing you can say will appease them. So don’t try. Their mockery and screams of outrage are merely signs that you’re headed in the right direction.

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