Charice (album review)

First and foremost, these are my thoughts. This has nothing to do with your thoughts – most especially Chasters. If you wholeheartedly disagree, then go make your own review and get hysterical with your fellow Chasters.

Charice Pempengco, the Filipina YouTube star who appeared on Ellen and Oprah, had just released her first international album under 143/Reprise entitled Charice. The self-titled album was released on May 11, 2010. Ranging from uptempo songs to rangy ballads, Charice caters to people of all ages.

The album cover tells everything about the album. Just plain ordinary. Nothing special.

Pyramid opens the album and it does a pretty good job. It features Replay singer Iyaz and surprisingly, his vocals blended with Charice’s. It has a good vibe and it’s pretty good. The only downsides here are their highly edited voices. Unrecognizable. Easily, the best track of the album.

Reset follows Pyramid and it barely keeps the momentum going – if  not for the Rap bridge. Just skip to the Rap Bridge and laugh the heck out of its cheesiness. Magsimula tayo para tayo’y sobrang happy na! The best line from this album ever. Nice try for the insertion of some Tagalog lines, though. It was just soooo.. Hey Hey pakinggan mo naman ako. RAP BRIDGE \m/

In This Song has a karaoke vibe to it. Not exactly the song you’d be listening all day. It’s like something from a Celine Dion/Whitney Houston song that’s produced to fit an 18 year-old, but it doesn’t. It sounds too old for Charice. Foster, we need younger songs for an 18 year old, not for an old hag.

Nobody’s Singing to Me is just so terrible. Do you really have to belt every word of the bridge? Words just didn’t blend. It was difficult to understand what she was singing or saying. All I heard was radiowwwap and the Nobody’s Singing to Me part.

Thank You was just dreadfully boring. Instead of being emotional, it was like belts and all. Skip it.

I Love You should be skipped.

In Love so Deep‘s only best part was the first part of the Bridge. The other parts were just annoying. The high notes all aligned here. We need to see a bit of gentleness here.

All I Need to Survive is the total opposite of In Love so Deep. If the previous track was so loud, this one is too quiet. It just sounded too Sleepy. It’s not with the vocals, it’s just the backing band on the background. It doesn’t really progress. BORING.

Nothing is totally the different track of this album. Yes, Pyramid may have been a no. 1 on Dance charts and Nothing is an upbeat song, but then this is like some sort of having an identity crisis issue. It’s just so different from the ballads and Pyramid. A good song, though. Not a fan of the beats.

The Truth Is this song is better off trashed.

I Did It For You is better off scratched. It’s so horrible. I can barely listen to it.

Note to God is a ballad that reached 44 on Billboard’s Hot 100 and was just wiped out the next week. I like its gospel vibe. The high notes were good, but the last note was just so painful. If you’re gonna display Charice’s vocal range, do it properly. It was too painfully long. Nevertheless, it closes the album on a good note.

Overall, Charice was an album having songs ranging from so-so to horrendous. It was seriously a major disappointment. Yes, she may have potential, but the album doesn’t make use of it. I recommend listening to the first and the last song of the album. Pyramid and Note to God are the tracks worth listening to. For the lulz, go to Reset’s rap bridge.  For that, I give the album a rating of:



80 thoughts on “Charice (album review)

    • Sir, if you have only seen my previous Charice post full of hatred, you wouldn’t be warning me anymore. I have never seen such obnoxious fans. As a blogger, I’m seriously thankful for these idiots since they have nothing to do in the internet than searching for Charice news updates. =))

      I`m thankful for the compliment. It sounded like I was on par with the LA Times. :))

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  2. Tammy says:

    Okay, so I am going to express my own opinions, but I am also going to post it on your site.

    CHARICE BACKGROUND: My mom followed Charice for the past two years. I saw snippets of videos and shows, and admit, I was impressed, because she is really good…but it’s not like I ever took the time to do anything further, since i mean, come on, I had other things to do.

    But after Pyramid came out, this year I got curious one day and did a search for the video. I was impressed by her rhythm and delivery of the song. I thought “geez, this SHOULD get showcased -how cool would it be if the first Asian teen popstar was Filipino? Charice certainly had some of the goods required to be the one to deliver that – She’s good, she has special vocal abilities, the mogul backing, the backstory, and the rhythm.” (What I think she is lacking is the ability to express herself well enough on interviews and speaking parts during performances.)

    So after the album came out, I did do continous searches on how the album was doing, I have to admit though, that there is a selfish motive involved, since I have experienced some formsof discrimination from other Asians who think Filipinos are a lesser people (mild example: at the nail place “oh wow you’re so pretty, are you Chinese?” no. “Thai?” no. I’m Filipino “oh I am thinking that you were Thai…Thai is more beautiful” ok, whatever), I thought it would be a nice blow to that mentality.

    THE ALBUM:: The album is what it is – a Pop Album. You cant really expect anything groundbreaking, so yeah I guess I do agree with you somewhat. But some of the songs are catchy and have a good beat after you listen to them a few times. I was HOPING, it would get more airtime and hype on more radio stations, just like its peers. As a pop album, it is better than the Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, and even some of the Justin Beiber tunes that have been able to earn a great share of its time on the airwaves. PLUS her live voice is way, way better than the ones of the popstars I just mentioned. I didnt expect it to be Rihanna status, but maybe Jordan Sparks with the hopes that one day she could develop into Rihanna staus? So, I do follow how the album is doing, and what critics have to say – and that is how I landed on your site.

    THE HATE: I guess this is what led me to start writing away. Okay, so your review does not by any means fall in this category (But I do wonder why you took the time to do it). I just came across some really mean and hateful things said towards the poor girl. My mom HAS mentioned to me that SOME Filipinos mistreated her in the past, but when I saw some of the things posted about her, such as ‘Mongoloid Singer” and “She was from the low class and just got lucky”, it tugs at my heart!

    I thought that that’s what it took to make it in the industry: Luck – which she got via YouTube. Talent – Which she has. Connections – which she got. Hard Work – which she did. So why is her rise (which, yes, does still have a ways to go) any different from that of any other’s? Is it because she came from a poor family? I’m sorry but it does make me sad when I see other people being oppressed. I think that is part of the reason why she has a dedicated fan base, they really want her to succeed. Yes, she has talent. Yes, influential people noticed her. Yes, her popularity has soared. Why can’t people just leave it at that.?

    I’m sorry that much of this has nothing to do with your review, I was just affected by some of the hate I’ve come across, and used your page as a forum. I’ve never seen this kind of hate before – and especially not from someone’s own people(mongoloid? monkey?). If you like her music, good. If you don’t, okay. But why do these critics, haters, whatever you want to call them have to go there?

  3. AC says:

    A total waste of time reading this…no meat, no substance. Man, if you’re going to say: skip this song…boring…to be thrashed and what not, then back them up with more substantive comments. You call this a review?

  4. Styles says:

    Aka Cardcrusher – lol. For someone who is only 15yrs of age and who probably has not even hit puberty, you sure seem to know a lot about life – lol. Do you know how pathetic you look? Do you really think people are listening to your subjective negative banter about Charice? Oh and that supposed positive message from
    Christian, Satellite Direct Tv, I would not be surprised if that is just ruse – a bad one at that – lmao. You crabby Filipinos really need to get a life. It is no wonder your country is so messed up. Btw I am Canadian and all my friends in the music and film industry (all of whom love Charice) get a kick out of reading all the negative stuff from your country – especially when it is written by brainless twits like you. So on that note, from all of us here in Canada, thank you so much for adding humour to our day – lol.

    • “Do you really think people are listening to your subjective negative banter about Charice? ”

      Yes. Because if they weren’t, they wouldn’t be commenting on my post. Get a brain, douchebag.

      • Styles says:

        The one who needs to fill the vacuum between their ears are ignorant idiots like you. Do you understand the components involved in the word “listen” especially in the context that it is used in? – not. The fact that one comments on your post is not an indication that they are listening you moron. The only determining factor that one could use to define the “listening element of the equation” can only be measured by the substance of the comments and the direction to which they take. Now, based on the type of responses you have received and the fact that your blog is guilty of manipulation (i.e. pretending to show it has support), I think it is fair to say that no one is listening and that you are batting zero – lol.

      • Do you really think that the world is filled with idiot Chasters like you? No. There are a lot of Charice haters in the world. Besides, this world does not revolve around the Chasters.

        Also, “LISTENING.” Would a reader not comment if he were not reading the actual context of this post? Such stupidity exhibited by you, Mr. Styles. You wouldn’t understand if you were listening, right? Might I escort you to elementary years again?

        There are a lot of haters in the world who agree with me. An example of such is Mr. Cardcrusher. No, he and I are of different identities. Please do not show your ignorance with your assumptions.

        Accept the fact that not everyone likes your idol and neither will your retorts to her haters help you in getting more fans. In fact, it only gives your idol more haters.

        You, my friend, are an example of an obnoxious fan. Talk about obsession much?

  5. PouttyTuh says:

    Just want to say what a great blog you got here!
    I’ve been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!

    Thumbs up, and keep it going!


  6. @Tammy
    I urge to read the LA Times review and comments. After reading those comments, tell me whether what you wrote: “but why do these critics, haters, whatever you want to call them have to go there?” apply to Charice fans who are “hating”?

    “Do you know how pathetic you look?” Read your comment and take a look in the mirror.

  7. As fans, we must be open-minded when it comes to writers or bloggers posting negative writeups about our idols. These negative writeups expose flaws and such make our favorite musicians unique. Criticism will make our idols better. It is okay to be passionate but we must not go over-the-top until it reaches the point where we suddenly become ignorant. Our favorite musicians are human and therefore are prone to mistakes just like us.

    What is the point then? We must be open-minded and be objective.

  8. Styles says:

    It looks like you need to get someone who understands the English language to read my post to you because your reply has no logical framework. Then again, it could just be the case that the subject matter is just too deep for your childish brain to comprehend – lol. Btw my job on this blog is done, thanks for making it so easy – lol. Also, you really should take a remedial course in English because your grammar and sentence structure is really pathetic. Are you sure you are not related to Cardcrusher – lmao?

  9. I am not related to cardcrusher. Childish brain? Whoa. Way to show some “class”, mister. And oh, crabby Filipinos? Nationalities should not be the reason for people to like music. We have Manny Pacquiao and we like him because he has TALENT. It does not automatically mean that if a performer is Filipino, we have to like them immediately. It simply does not and will not work that way.

    The problem with your idol is that she is being forcefully fed right down to our throats. It is not appealing at all. Why not let her material speak for herself? Oh right. She entered the scene by belching out Whitney Houston covers. Is that credibility? Well sure, she had original material in her debut album but was the quality great? It is subjective. Let us leave it to that.

    No logical framework? Frankly speaking, it has one. You are acting as if all people should like your idol. It has been the attitude of her fans: ALL PEOPLE MUST LIKE CHARICE SO IF YOU DON’T, BEWARE. Absurdity at its finest!

    • Styles says:

      Jio, my post was not meant for you but for Stony. It just so happens that for some reason (i.e. a technical glitch) his blog did not allow me to reply to him directly. Why don’t you direct yourself to the first sentence in my post. Does the post read as being directed to you? I don’t think so – lol.

      Quote… “It looks like you need to get someone who understands the English language to read my post to you because your REPLY has no logical framework” … End Quote. The latter makes reference to an earlier post does it not -lol ?

      • You know what? Go eat your idol! You surely can`t accept the fact that your idol has A LOT of haters.

        Don`t sidetrack the issue here. We`re talking about your obsession to your idol who you`ve been clearly defending from her haters. Here`s the real deal.


  10. Styles says:

    Haha – You really should be a comedian – lol. Your self-deluded perception of your importance is hysterical. I am fully aware of the fact that all popular stars have haters you moron and that nothing can be done about it. Celine Dion has haters. Avril Lavigne has haters. Justin Bieber has haters. It is a sad fact of reality that the more popular one becomes the more haters one acquires. The purpose of me writing on your sorry excuse of a blog has nothing to do with trying to defend Charice to all you malcontents and if you haven’t figured it out yet well sorry for you – lol. To coin a phrase of a so-called pop star, I’m “outta here” – lmao.

    • You`re the real moron here. You just can`t stand people hating your beloved Charice. If you didn`t care much, why bother commenting? Seriously, you should enroll yourself back to school. You`re idiocy is too much to handle.

      Thank god you`re leaving. I won`t have to bother stooping down to your level. Get real.

  11. soundsensitive says:

    Great review! Unbiased and straight to the gut. I honestly have switched off completely listening to any and all kinds of pop music (no joke!) after Charice mangled “Adagio in G Minor” in a performance in an Itallian show…how, you may ask? The last note in the adagio is in morendo (which of course she belted out poor girl), the 32nd bar is poco a poco crescendo, the first part is an exercise in piano, pianissimo. I’ve studied adagio in baroque up till the Albinoni contemporary piece and really since the musical movement requires restraint and discipline, her performance of it absolutely mangled the movement, with all the undisciplined yelling…belting if you prefer! It wouldn’t have been too much had she studied the piece and show some understanding is all I’m saying!!!

    Before y’all obsessive and blinded charice fans rush to the defense of her particular performance, saying it’s a love song. Let me remind you that an Adagio as a particularly slow musical movement, it is often a very popular funeral piece, the most notable personality for which an Adagio was played for; was JFK! By the way that’s what Adagio means: a tempo marking that a music is to be played slowly…doesn’t say anything about power belting or subito fortissimo.

    As for her album…not bothering to listen let alone buy…and if the world has to come down to only two things: lovers or haters; hey if your world is small….sweet!…I don’t mind, I got better things to do….i don’t hate her but hey at least I can weed out what not NOT to buy…thanks for your review…..ciao!!!

  12. a_chan says:

    Honestly I dont have that much of a problem with her, except I find her dreadfully boring and over bearing. Not just her songs but also her, I really do feel like she has no star quality at all. Apart from her voice there is nothing really that special about her, no magic I should say. She’s no Whitney/Celine, they had personality and musicality (even with her voice being just a shell of what it formerly was, Whitney still has more musicality than this girl).

    Anyway it’s really nice to see a review that isn’t bias in her favour. Whenever I see someone say anything about the album it’s always along the lines of “OMFG u guys its so damn amazing i ❤ her!!!!!!1!!" blah blah blah etc. etc. etc.

  13. Tammy says:

    I just wanted to add a comment on your comment, if I may, about the highly edited voices. And this is just about music itself, none of that other fluff: Pyramid, being a studio recording, I am sure, has been edited to a point…but now that she is getting more exposure, I have heard and seen several live performances and they BOTH sound good. She sounds just like the cd, if not even better.

  14. soundsensitive says:

    And if I also may, the Itallian show performance that I saw wasn’t edited or recorded it was live. Also, if you could kindly refer to my previous post dated on June 2nd, it wasn’t that impressive given that the piece she attempted was one that was an arrangement that was classically based, it very evident that she was devoid of training and preparation.

    Hence, her perchant for over-belting did not do “Adagio in G Minor” any justice at all but completely mangled it. From the basis yet again as previously indicated that as Adagio means: a tempo marking that a music is to be played slowly…it doesn’t say anything about power belting or subito fortissimo, she belied the absolute lack of restraint and discipline which would have been easily achieved with the appropriate preparation and training.

    All in all, since most if not all new artists in her genre are creatures of habit, either in conjunction with or as a result of proven marketing formulas as well, I’m not impressed nor expect myself to be impressed in the future of any of her achievements in that genre.

  15. Tammy says:

    And also if I may again, I wasn’t referring to your comment. I am allowed to be her fan and point out what I believe to be positive, as you are allowed to not be her fan and point out your criticsms. I was not referring to “Adagio in G Minor”. I was referring to pop music. Thank you for your time.

  16. soundsensitive says:

    You’e most welcome…and “her genre” does refer to pop music to which I lastly referred to.

    What was questionable was her attempt to crossover at the classical genre without the proper preparation and training which produced an utter lack of quality which denegrates the rest of her ability to provide an umbrage of acceptable performance…all in all quite pedestrian!!

    • Tammy says:

      That’s fair enough. I obviously have not studied classical music (i don’t think my 3 years of piano lessons would count right?), so I can’t comment either way.

      I just wanted to point out that, in reference to the reviewer’s comment about highly edited voices, both artists actually sound just like the cd, but better. And it’s very refreshing to me.

  17. soundsensitive says:

    And in retrospect I quite appreciated this review because I found that it gave a review of the album with a “take it as it is” face value, and if you don’t like it too bad. It’s not the obvious oblique take on a subject with a marketing driven agenda. This review was fair and unbiased, in particular he hits on the nail as “an album having songs ranging from so-so to horrendous”.

    My experience of charice was not limited to a singular performance I have seen several in a span of time and inarguably either by choice of those who do make the material choice, it does range from so-so to horrendous.

    It does not help that she has a penchant for belting in a level that one can say that the most obvious motivation is simply showing off her vocal range and certainly not because of melodic original artistry because from a musical stand point that is not quite evident, she simply wants to belt out the loudest, the highest and the longest. That’s not musical artistlry. That’s like playing dart board with muscial notes, which is evidently what she is doing.

    And in comparison, if the issue were simply showing off a distinctive vocal range, one can hear a more profound “U-Carmen eKhayelitsha” from the streets of Xhosa who can belt out with pure depth and deliver an artistic perfomance, and even though that was a modern adaptation of Bizet’s Carmen, the artists’ all showed individual abilities to sing with depth and soul while “belting” (seems to be everyone’s favorite term). Oh and the absolutely stunning Inva Mula…one can never forget the “Diva Dance” from the Fifth Element, as it’s just been the most oft imitated and discussed performance.

    BEYOND Ellen Degeneres, Youtube and Oprah THERE IS better music…there is BETTER taste…strangely as it may seem there is a better LIFE! The powers who noticed and are behind charice are only part and parcel of a marketing organization launched with a profit goal and timeframe as an agenda; or did you think that it’s a charity with all the good intentions of the Vatican…wait a minute, oh yeah that a has a bank too…geez I ran out of examples I hope you already get the picture. Hollywood…Shmollywood what can one say about it? It is a business, a huge one, when one succeeds there, they really make it big, when they don’t, they really, really fall hard, or end up forgotten, AND that’s the nature of the beast.

    Think like a businessman , flip the coin, if you were the investor putting your money on charice what would your motivation be? Remember, it costs millions (in US dollars) to spend on marketing, image management, recording costs, composers/arrangers etc. What is the soft return on investment? Think like Oprah…she has a school in South Africa for talented poor girls (what do you think that’s all about?); she builds talents from the medical industry (Dr. Phil. & Dr. Oz), food industry to compete with Martha Stewart (Rachel Ray) so on and so forth… hmm none in the music industry until charice…the added bonus…she’s from the poor community…that boosts up Oprah’s image brownie points a gazillion points…the only onus is…we just have to make her “sell!…Soft return on investment?..Problem solved!!….Now you’re thinking like a hollywood businessman!….How do you think Oprah makes billions every year?…DUH…what do you think will happen if she doesn’t get a soft return on investment?…a Return on Investment?…shivers!! I hate to think…

    Sometimes reading through other people who post here who take things too personally specially for those who just don’t happen to like charice, they just go bonkers! You get obnoxious and you get persistently insulting, thinking that you might wear us down somehow. We hope that somehow you understand that NO, you won’t ever wear us down, we won’t ever change our minds, I for one will never like Charice, for all the reasons I don’t need to repeat.

    Isn’t it obvious we made better choices and we’re not hooked on something simply because of bias of an obvious petty reason. You know, bias too is a two -sided sword, it simply means its self-serving to whatever side you swerve it. If you feel sorry for her because of where she’s from that’s absolutely fine, and if that’s the basis of what makes good standards in your book, it’s your book, and yours alone! If you relate with her because of a personal reason that’s your reason, it can be respected. But not everyone shares that experience, can you respect that?

    If her genre (again pop being her genre) is the basis of her abilities she should stay there until she gets proper training before she does crossovers…specially to the classical genre..because unfortunately she just can’t do an “oido” on that one…she just can’t play dart board with musical notes and expect everyone say “holly shmolly that was uniquely fantastic”…NOT entirely…some of us just have opened our eyes and broadened our minds and our horizons; and I adamantly refuse to be bullied when I just know better.

    Allow me to digress, it’s amazing what people buy when Oprah sells it. You know there’s a mac & cheese sold at a kiosk at the Philly airport and I hear that it’s a HOT seller! You know why? Oprah said it was “the” best mac and cheese in the county in 2003. Let me tell you that mac and cheese is 2000+ in calories not counting the cholesterol and the fat per serving. In its ingredients are 12 eggs and 8 different kinds of processed cheese…NOT very healthy….I mean that stuff could kill you if you’ve got heart issues, even if you don’t, you won’t be feelin’ hunky dory for awhile!….all I’m sayin’, dang who knows what else that woman’s gonna sell ya!!

    The thing is because of it all, I am adamant that I won’t be be buying charice’s tiresome singing (buying Oprah’s machinations? no thanks! her fans bullying? forget it!), and I sure as hell won’t be eating that killer mac & cheese.

  18. Tammy says:

    Please don’t attempt to school me on the Oprah effect. Dude, where do you live? That is nothing new to me. And when did we start talking about Oprah anyway? I didn’t even bring her up.
    Of course it’s about business. Don’t you think that there is a REASON why they chose to invest in Charice? And I hope their investment pays out.
    Dude, I’m her fan. It’s simple. I was pointing out a flaw in this review, so ‘take it as it is”. Right , her fans are the ones doing the bullying? Check it out – I pointed out one thing about the review that I believed to be in error (three sentences), and you came back at me. I’m her fan, stop trying to change my mind, and get over it. please.

    • Yes, her fans are doing the bullying. In case you are oblivious to that fact, might as well refer you to and see what Charice’s fans have done. They bullied the LA Times reviewer because he gave a negative feedback with regards to Charice’s album, they invade people who dislike Charice’s Twitter accounts with countless replies, they make poser accounts for the haters which I believe is so low, and many more. 😉

      He (soundsensitive) was not sidetracking with the Oprah issue since it`s still connected to Charice, however. Yes, there obviously is a REASON they chose to invest in Charice. Thinking that the petite girl with the big voice using some sympathy with her sob-stories could help bring the bucks, Oprah signed her in. Apparently, it backfired since she`s not doing that well in the Charts.

      We`re not changing your mind. Merely stressing out points here. We can`t do anything if you`re a fan of Charice. Apparently, Chasters don`t feel the same way. 😉

      • Tammy says:

        You know when I first saw this, I was relatively new to the whole back and forth of hating and not hating…the first “hate” messages I saw were the ones about her being ugly and other irrelevant things about why she can never be a star, that is very hard to respect. So I can understand why some fans would try to get in and open the eyes of the idiot commenters. Because that mentality really needs to go. So I guess in the heat of it all, maybe it was difficult for some fans to discern between somebody who just doesn’t like their idol, or someone who is saying stupid irrelevant things about her. But as always there are exceptions. On the other hand, I do see that there are a lot of overzealous comments, that sometimes I myself cringe upon reading them. it’s a ricocheting effect.

  19. soundsensitive says:

    Well Tammy, it you really must know (must be nagging at ya LOL) I do shop at Rodeo Drive….=)…and not Dude at all…so yeah I can really SHOP!!!

    And stonegrenades HITS IT RIGHT ON THE MONEY with: “Thinking that the petite girl with the big voice using some sympathy with her sob-stories could help bring the bucks, Oprah signed her in. Apparently, it backfired since she`s not doing that well in the Charts.”….that must be nagging on the investment already!

    You want some comparison, lets throw some in…Owl City, Lights, Kesha…these are just dark horses from MySpace and very original too with their own personal musical compositions with no kitshy sob stories. These are with minimal yet with outstanding ROI (return on investment) and palpable achievements at the Charts.

    Who’s trying to change your mind, you’re the only who can do that unless you’re already doing it!

    But don’t expect us to get over the fact that we enjoy our freedom where were AT which is not being thethered with Oprha’s machinations on a common product wrapped up with pity…I particularly enjoyed this review because it and the blogger is sooo TRUE.

    I like it here and I’m not leaving…so bring on what you’ve got…3 years of piano lessons or whatever….sob story and everything else….I’ll make you some cappuccino while were at it….=)….and maybe even some shopping tips in-between.

    • Tammy says:

      Buddy, didnt expect another essay…thought we were wrappin it up.
      I’m glad you enjoy your freedom away from the chains of the Oprah machine and the likes, because I’m unfortunately enslaved – that is the ONLY reason I’m awed and entertained by her talent and the tone in her voice, and the rhythm that she performs with; and that is the only reason that some people, after seeing her perform, have a genuine look of awe; And that is the only reason her performance in New York received rave reviews immediately after. That was all calculated and packaged by the corporate machine. And the tears and standing ovations too.
      I, as I’m sure others do, give her way more credit than just being the little girl with the big voice. Is it part of the appeal? Probably. But there’s no denying that she has innate abilities and continues to work at her craft. .
      I just had one comment/feedback for the reviewer, and you took it to a whole new level (Thus the changing my mind comment). I’m sorry if you feel that she butchered “Adagio in G Minor”, but I wasn’t referring to that, I was referring to pop Pyramid. Why do you keep responding if you’ve completely shut off to that genre.? The reviewer himself only responded with one line. Your cup of tea and mine are obviously different (so the capuccinos will probably be too, sorry to say).

      I just wrote a few sentences which never mentioned trying to change your mind, urging you to buy the cd, or anything of the likes. And this is now a lot more than a few sentences, so I’m going to go to my servant quarters now and listen to my cd.

  20. soundsensitive says:

    Tsk, tsk, tsk. rave reviews, looks of awe, tears and standing ovations (at some points they had to go back to sitting down too)…points that were all momentary and temporary…nothing creditable and measurable in terms of patterns or trending such as that which can account for an ROI (business, business, bigtime MOOLAH; what do you think makes the streets of Hollywood go round?)

    The problem with your argumentation is that its touching……..sappy and touching…. but that’s all it is. If the corporate machine as you say, calculated it and packaged it…….be realistic…….if ithat was all they were aiming at…….that’s a pretty LOW target……and that shows that you know very little of the corporate machine……..I gather you don’t have meetings with CEO’s?…….welll that’s okay……’s a learning process…….it’s something you might want to strive for if you want to have credible argument next time.

    Allow me to digress, and let me share a perspective, when I’m in the orchestra front row seats attending the opera, I feel obliged to stand when everyone else is standing in ovation, its proper courtesy, but you know it’s the opera, and I’m just presently sharing my perspective. People stand in ovation…maybe because the person next to them is…….

    Let’s take the standing ovations, the raves, tears so on and so forth and take them for what they’re worth…….the songs she sang in the US where these occured were Houston/Dion mostly classics which had strong (older aged) audience recall (which were not primarily 8-18 market niche group the target for entry-level pop)…not surprisingly the raves, the awes, the standing ovations, the tears etc. did not exactly translate to a landslide sale for the album…..inarguably the chart results and the actual sales……That means that the initial album investment did not cut it and so obviously requires a rehashing of marketing to get done which means more investment…no significant ROI to signify growth…NO UP arrow in the flow…not sure if you follow (that’s the economics of the business).

    What are they struggling with, the product their selling…they can’t make heads or tails with it, THEY (her marketing powers-that-be) CAN’T NICHE (definition:a position particularly well suited to the person who occupies it) charice….she started singing songs identified with the older market and when she reneged to a generalized target between 8-80, the ability to acquire a niche became a parallax….if you want to sell a product, it has to be the whole package….the entire goods…. What sells, you ask? Beyonce sells for one……ask her.

    Why do I keep responding if I’m shut off to the genre?… I know, pop gets passe in so short a time so fast! I prefer funk, jazz and alternative which is a much better investment of time besides classical music of course……BUT it doesn’t mean I don’t understand the business………Probably a lot more than some people would like to think……I really said it that before….READ EVERYTHING….I LIKE IT HERE!!!…if you have a something to say, I have too!

    In as much asI like it here, I like the reviewer’s review, it’s apparent you have some points that you feel are valid but hey so do I….. but in this review which I entirely agree with I’m not changing anything, you’re the one seeing errors….and when I see errors in your arguments it’s obvious you feel uncomfortable…but be that as it may…..

    Go run along then and listen to your cd…..i’ve got Holtz with the Planets, right now it’s Jupiter on the Bose, but I’m sure you won’t like it……=)

  21. Tammy says:

    Oh geez…patronizing. When I was referring to all the “touchy feely” unquantifiable factors, all I was getting it at was that the product wasn’t exactly shoved down everyone’s throats. That the product does have an appeal, and I have my own theories as to why it hasn’t yet translated into a strong lasting trend. Yes you have your points and I have mine…I gave my feedback. And thank you, I am enjoying my cd quite honestly.

  22. soundsensitive says:

    Yes my dear, it was you who quickly said that….” That was all calculated and packaged by the corporate machine. And the tears and standing ovations too”…….What then was the basis of your statement?…You gave an assumption of a foreknowledge of “the corporate machine”…and now a convenient renege… Fine! if you can’t support it find a convenient exit!!

    ….When theories are not openly presented and supported first, it then becomes apparent that they at the ready can’t hold much water….So do share your theories!…..

    At the end of the day, the evidence that can be measured is the of proof of the pudding of how good the product is….if that is UNTRANSLATABLE AT THE OUTSET from the marketing perspective, then that’s a toss at the moon…it’s like the 24 hours the cops give in solving crime you see on TV, it’s how quick it is…the hour glass gets flipped the moment the product is sent to the market to sell. That’s why the big HOOPLA for the first day in the market it’s available….if it’s a slow return…it’s a FAIL…..the marketing goes back to the drawing board…….sometimes, someone even gets fired….it happens…… and it doesn’t matter how y’all feel.

    At the end of the end of day it’s the immediate general TOTAL ROI that gets counted, because people need to get paid….. because no one behind what y’all see in the “corporate machine” works for free….not to mention the major investor…the big kahuna well, yeah …well that one counts the biggest number the most!

    c’est la vie!

  23. Ryan says:

    I’m not a fan of Charice but I must admit that the girl is more talented than most teen pop stars out there. My sister who is a huge fan brought the album. Listened to it – liked some of the songs (Note to God, Nobody’s Singin to Me) but overall it’s quite disappointing.

    Stonegrenade: I like your review but it lacks substance. Sorry.

    Haters – leave the poor girl alone.

  24. soundsensitive says:

    You know it’s not ALL about the talent or about the “girl” if you’re referring to charice, because if it’s simply all about that?….. then it’s easy to take sides….easy to determine that it’s an utter waste of time.

    Check this out, charice is simply just another talent strutting her stuff to sell, if she’s got more or less that’s relative. Whoever and however it is appreciated, it is still a relative experience. My sister’s friend based on her experience and training………. (mind you, my sister and I, and the friends we keep all have extensive and lengthy musical education and training)………well, she observed that good as charice’s vocal range as it is, at a point in a particular performance she could improve possibly way better if she had the appropriate training in a very short blog.

    Do you know what her ever famous chasters did. They pounced on her bullied and attacked her and called her names, usually repetitive and I’m not even sure if they’re really as many as they claimed to be. Probably “sock puppets’, as I’m discovering now. Yeah, when I took them down to the basics of where the improvements were needed, oh yeah….they bullied me too..they called me names….one of their favorites was CRAB…(I hoped it was the King Blue Crab because that’s my favorite!)… I was waiting for them to get to shrimp, oyster, crayfish or even lobster….what were they hoping for an ALLERGY??…’s so sad, it’s too funny!!…or yeah, HATER, I don’t even know charice, let alone give a rat’s patootie about her!

    They can’t accept the fact that NO ONE’S PERFECT!…Unless, you’re a scary freak….but is that what you fans want her to be?….a “perfect scary little freak” who can’t make any mistake and who doesn’t ever need to improve?

    Check out the “great idea” for organizing that chasters do that gets the signature song of their favorite album unwittingly pulled sometimes from some stations from some cities…..IT”S GENIUS!!!!…this one could be called damage control!
    Just want to remind chasters to follow radio etiquette rule No. 1 as posted in the Radio Campaign article: “Never ever call a radio station out of your listening area. It will look fake or forced to the radio station and it will do more harm than good.
    It must, organically, look like a hit.” This is good advice we received directly from Charice’s manager, Marc Johnston, and some feedback we got recently from one music director seems to back it up.
    With request links being posted in the CM Chatbox to radio stations all over the country, chasters have as usual been very supportive of our Charice in responding to these calls for action. However, the Music Director from KISS 106.1FM Seattle took the time to send this reply to an out-of-state chaster. Thx to Norleans, from Louisiana, for sharing this …

    Tell the message boards to request their local stations only please (emphasis added). We aren’t counting any Charice requests and you guys are hurting more than helping her. Every radio station we talk to around the country is doing the same thing. Friendly advice.”

    Radio Request Etiquette: Please Read
    Ok, I know you can hardly wait to start calling & emailing but FIRST we need to go over a few rules:
    1. Never ever call a radio station out of your listening area. It will look fake or forced to the radio station and it will do more harm than good . It must, organically, look like a hit.

    2. Please be aware that the station may not be able to get to your request right away but they do make note of requests and requests will certainly impact the station’s playlist.

    3. It’s not a good idea to call the DJs too much or spam their in-box. That could really work against us, so just one call/email a day will be enough… ok, maybe two, like a friendly reminder “hey how come you haven’t played my song yet?” Don’t be obnoxious please, you know what I mean, I hope.

    4. If the stations in your area are already playing Charice’s Pyramid, call the DJs anyway, e-mail and let them know how much you appreciate them, how much you LOVE the song.

    What will bring her down?….not the haters generally….I don’t think they really care that much….because if you think I’m a hater and you ask me what I’m really thinking of…I’ll tell you….it’s theater season and I can’t decide between “The Two Gentleman from Verona” or “As You Like It” and which for the matinee and which for the evening….and although I’ve been referred to in the past as Dude or Buddy by the way I’m my sister’s and my brothers’ sister too……I hope that wasn’t too confusing….lol

    Although in retrospect, you know I think the crazed, obsessed, huge-fans should be a little bit more respectful who they shove, insult and bully around because we too do understand the concept of networking and we also do have purchasing power; as well we are able to influence purchasing powers too.

    You say leave the poor girl alone….you might just be prophetic….

    As you say the album is disappointing…..and if you take a look at where her album is at on it’s 4th week the more people who leave her be….well the sooner it’ll be forgotten….

    For someone who’s just starting perhaps you might NOT want to ask that for her……..Perhaps you might want to ask her overzealous fans to act less like neanderthals and more like human beings and educated so people don’t reflect the “HATE” right back on their beloved idol.

    Because after all…….careful of what you ask for!

  25. Ryan says:

    Hi soundsensitive. I don’t care about her obnoxious fans, lol. I sincerely wish Charice goodluck because she is talented; she’ll be better with more training. What particular songs do you like from her album and why do you like them?

  26. soundsensitive says:

    Nothing that strikes my fancy…sorry. Like I said everything is relative to everyone’s experience, and in reference to this album or to even to all in sundry by charice nothing at all strikes my fancy, she maybe talented as you say. More or less, as relativity goes it all depends on who’s looking and what’s the reference point.

    She once did a crossover to classical music with a classically-based piece, ill-trained and ill-prepared and beastfully mangled a performance of the “Adagio in G Minor” which for those of us (devoted and studied) who treasure the adagios amongst other treasures find it still a very sore memory. Unfortunately, that singular test denigrated the rest of her performance that creates a natural umbrage as far as I am and quite a few are concerned.

    If you want to know what I’m listening to right at this very moment, it’s the Perfornance Edition of a Handel aria called The Tamerlano; Act 1: Ciel e Terra Armi Di Sdegno by leggero tenor Rolando Villazon…….hope you have a great weekend…

  27. Ryan says:

    I had to check her performance of Adagio on YouTube. For someone like me who has no formal background in music, I’d say it was quite an awesome performance, but you know it’s a different evaluation from the point of view of the experts. I wonder why she was asked to perform it in the first place if it’s not her cup of cake. Will be listening to Tamerlano in a while. Thanks!

    • JD says:

      Ryan, I too enjoyed the “Adagio” video, and my relatives and the audience who attended the concert (this includes the judges) definitely enjoyed the performance. I know the judges enjoyed it because my relatives were able to speak with them after the show and believe me they would have told them otherwise. In fact, they want Charice to go back and perform again. You will always come across the odd person like “soundsensitive” who likes to dissect every aspect of a musical piece to determine whether or not he or she likes it. I mean look at the screen name for crying out loud, I believe that says it all – LOL. Music is about preference and what your ears like to listen too. If your ears are happy with Charice’s rendition of “Adagio,” what more needs to be said? As for this so-called review (if that is what it is suppose to be called), I give it a D+ – LOL. Reviews are like books they too can be graded.
      By the way, Charice (who does not speak Italian) worked with the producer of the show for 3 days to prepare for this song, so she sang the song the way the producer wanted it to be sung. In the final analysis, if the product falls short of the expectation of people like “soundsensitive,” … oh well – such is life.

      • If I had said something like

        “This album is way too awesome for pop” then you would have graded this review as A+. Siiiigh. The musical tastes of people nowadays. So poor.

    • johnw says:

      I am inclined to believe that the Italian host requested that Charice sing Adagio. Considering that Italian is not Charice’s native language and she had two days to learn the lyrics, I believe she should be given some slack in not meeting certain standards.

  28. nicht says:

    stonegrenades!, Please. remove post above and this…..borrowed my sis computer and it posted automatically her name which i forgot to change..I re-posted it in my proper name below!….thanks much!

  29. soundsensitive says:

    Relativity is not just a theoretical science but has in truth and in fact quite a real-life application in the common place, and most people don’t even notice it……LOL!…but that just me and my metaphorics….

    I believe in that same performance of the “Adagio in G Minor” an itallian judge utterred that : “…it was good that my ‘cup of water’ (?) was made of plastic or otherwise it would be broken..”….or something loosely translated in that manner. A lot of people I think honestly believed that it was a compliment. However in the truest musical sense, when a person in musical authority (i.e. such a maestro, or a musical judge etc.) says that as a comment on a performance, that’s the FARTHEST from a compliment!

    It’s the gentlest way they (maestro/judge) can chide you when they really mean : “That’s NOT the way to do it!! That was NOT at all pleasant!!”….Are you familiar with rhetorics? When the maestro/judge gives a comment and starts it with a comparative (i.e.’ t was like the arch-angel Raphael announcing the Virgin Birth!’ or ‘I was expecting glass to be broken!…etc, etc.)…they do NOT mean it lightly……Most of everyone who sang the piece in that show were at each other’s throats trying to outdo each other on who can sing Molto Forte (very loudly). (Please see my June 2nd post on ‘Adagio in G Minor’.)

    The baroque adagio are quite pleasant exercises, and as adagio is an exercise in DIGNIFIED RESTRAINT I can recommend for instrumental listening Mozart’s adagio but for illustrative purposes for comparison, I quite favor another Handel aria, the Performance Edition of Rodelinda, Act 3: Pastorello D’un Povero Armento by leggiero tenor Rolando Villazon. It has a very agile ‘poco a poco crescendo’ a little by little progression of getting louder; it is very dignified, extremely elegant and very refined!

    NONE of these traits can be found in her performance of her Adagio in question. The last notes in the piece is ‘smorzando’ which means a “dampening” as well as a drop in tempo, as well it could also be ‘morendo’ which means “a dying away in dynamics” (as well as tempo). Simply put, all she had to deliver was a singular over-extended singular note that as to paraphrase a comment; “…meant to break glass”. It was very roughly and poorly done! ………..Like I’ve said before: All in all quite pedestrian! (Comment: June 8)……..and this comment agrees completely in conjunction with “…if my glass of water were made of glass and not of plastic it would break!” I’m really not saying anything differently.

    Like I’ve said before: Relativity is not just a theoretical science but has in truth and in fact quite a real-life application even in the common place. It depends on who’s looking and what’s the point of reference.

    You seem to be asking me to speculate: “I wonder why she was asked to perform it in the first place if it’s not her cup of cake.”…..can’t help you there….. You see, if you say that she knows how to really read a musical score, with all the notes and knows all the musical terms that can possibly be encountered in a musical score, then her performance is INEXCUSABLE! If you say she doesn’t know how and she only knows how to “learn by ear”, then that explains her very poor rough performance, which is INEXCUSABLE! That is the problem with speculation, it is not a win-win situation on where it is applied because it is so unproven and proof is only driven by evidence, and in this case the evidence of performance.

    Y’all be kewl!……………hope you all have fair weather and enjoy the weekend!

  30. kingpin says:

    this stonegrenades bitch should be stoned to death, pure hater, i bet if it some other artist other than asians they would be all praises. the cd is priceless all the songs are worth listening too again and again. that young artist is oozing with talent, hope she comes up with more cds in the future. and you stone grenades dont let me caught you out in the street or im gonna run you over. get it.

  31. smart_Alek says:

    i was ready to take your review seriously until “freak singer.”

    my recommendation: skip this review!

  32. kat says:

    Well I kinda understand your sentiments regarding some die-hard fans of Charice. I am also a fan but I am strongly against their bullying. lol I was even called names a few times in their chatbox. Well I cant really blame their over protectiveness since some haters are just really born to hate while others are just butthurt fans. But then it is obvious that your post was rooted from this hate which i believe clouded your sense of criticism on Charice’s album. Like what has been posted previously, your review lacks substance and that is pretty disappointing.

    I am not a big fan of some of her ballads in the album minus Note to God and Thank you. But then those big songs are the ones heavily favored by the other set of her fans aged 30+ which as of now constitutes the biggest portion of her fanbase. So you see there’s a reason they put them on the album. They might sound pretty boring to our younger years but the older ones love them. Well obviously this has become one of the prob in the album. It lefts us hanging, disappointed or to some degree a bit neglected. But it should also be noted that she was in an awkward stage when she started recording the album more than a year ago–not a girl, not yet a woman. Its a bad excuse i know and business doesnt accept such excuses.

    I do agree with your Note to God review, but i beg to differ with Thank You. Sorry but i dont get the negativity. If you didnt like it, i assume you didnt also like Beyonce’s Halo or Leona Lewis’ Happy…? Those two have more belting than Thank you.

    Pyramid is indeed a good starting song. It may be generic as what the other people claimed it to be but its hella catchy and all.

    I love Reset and its one of the best song in the album. actually i didnt like the studio version when i first listened to it coz her live performance of the song last march was really really great. but i found this certain fanmade mv of the song and it changed my view right away.

    I love you is a bit too high for my ears but i love the lyrics. its so contradicting 🙂
    Nothing is definitely good.

    I was surprised at your comment in In love so deep. Lol its a rock-pop song and so theres definitely no need for any gentleness. It is one of the best arranged song in the album along with Nobody’s singing to me. NSTM is not terrible! even the billboard review agreed to me 😛 Well i guess charice still has some tongue prob. But then celine dion got one too when she was just starting so that should not be a big issue later on.

    I did it for you is not one of the Ryan Tedder’s best in terms of production but the lyrics are way better than his other works (perhaps except for Halo).

    Opps I just made my own review article haha sorry for this. I dont have my own blog you know. 🙂

  33. Amber says:

    What the?! This blogger doesn’t know anything about music. So total waste of time reading the review. and soundsensitive you are no different than the bully fans you’re referring to… reading your essays *yawn* you seem to know so much about charice you must be obsessed with her. You kept mentioning adagio but charice is not a classical singer so get over it you just can’t accept the fact she’s amazing.

      • amber says:

        You’re the one who should get real. You can’t even write a good article. You’re wastring everybody’s time.

      • Wasting? Stop making me laugh. If you know you’re already wasting your time, then why do you keep on commenting and why did you continue reading the article if you already knew that I “can’t write a good article?” Haha.

    • soundsendsitive says:

      No offense to you JD your one of those who want to sit on the fence. But this one’s for Amber and the likes of her…well there’s just no explaining bad taste. If you think what’s she’s doing is amazing, go for it! The only reason charice got into my attention was when one of my friends wrote a short review on her ‘purported’ attempt at a classical piece and got the famous chaster mob reception, which I can see what a waste of time of time they are (no worries, I got a few minutes to waste right now to entertain myself lol).

      In any case, belonging in the mainstream market, I also noticed and I’m sure you can’t deny, that charice is no longer in the Billboard charts. It’s one of those short thrills, that are just “too bad, so sad”! What’s amazing is not really charice, it’s just all in your preference according to JD and hey you’re entitled to it! But she really is just common, she uses a lot of typical ‘vocal tricks of the trade’ so she can prolong notes, skip and jump all over ’em. There’s nothing unique with her vocice, she yells loudly. So there must be another reason why she’s so amazing to you.

      1. you don’t know anything else/ you don’t know any better
      2. you’re rooting because you wish what’s something to her, happened to you – in any case it’s called mirroring, it’s a form of envy. If you swear to high heavens how terrific she is, and how perfect she is. NO one can ever tell that you (and actually most, if not all chasters) are all jealous of her. Jealousy? NO!!! It takes different forms , you’ll see! Logic and truth are much more ‘IN your face’.

      Think about it! She’s from the boondocks ( I read it all on Tammy’s comments) and how she’s ripped from a ridiculous lifestory to a Cinderella boo-hoo ending, and boy you all wished it happened to ‘YOU TOO’! But that can’t happen, so you just need to rub a little bit off that Cinderella-ness and form your own Conga-line of dyed-to-the-bone loyal bandwagon riders. Oh puhleez! You all can’t even take any hint of criticism because you don’t want to wake-up from your own DELUSIONS!

      You want unique, of course you don’t , because I gather you don’t want to know any better! But perchance, if your curiousity get the better of you?! There’s nothing in my books that can compare with Diana Damrau with her “O Zittre Niche” and her sharp diction. Speaking of which, oh yeah, you may also be ‘on the denial’ that charice has a diction problem with her pronunciation. Couldn’t help catch it when they started airing her carrier single on the radio and i noticed that Iyaz was a little more ‘bang on the money’ for Pyramid than hers was. (Also, their maybe a difference of opinion I can appreciate that, but considering that english is my first language, so yeah it was pretty obvious.)

      The one thing in the business that charice should have is the ability to take criticism, now if she can’t take it she’s in the WRONG business! Because, no one in that business is perfect. Unless, y’all claim she’s “PEFECT” (which I doubt is true), then you should make an altar for her, put her there, light a candle and send her your wish, and wait and see if she grants it.

      If she wants to do the classical pieces, she should LEARN IT not give a half-cooked, ‘practice for barely three days, if that!! AND expect folks who’ve more refined ears to take a barely cooked steak for sashimi. That’s means go to Juilliard and get a real maestro to teach her! But don’t expect us who know better to accept a lot of ‘belting’ to pass for classical singing, if as you say she’s not a classical singer, she could’ve asked for another song (that really is not rocket science?)!! But, if she wants to try, she shouldn’t stop studying until she understand what she’s doing, because somewhere down the road someone’s gonna to say: “We’re not buying it, you’re hack because it seems you didn’t do your homework!!”

      Skydiving down the billboard charts until she disappears is what’s gonna happen! Mainstream has a way of kinda picking the weed out of the charts and deciding who are the trendsetters (the kind who can create something new, or at least occupy a niche for a longer time) and then there are those who are just there for no particular reason, and so disappear ever so quickly.

      Oh sure, you’re gonna say she’s gonna be back with grammys and awards, and hits and she’ll be plastered all over the covers of mainstream fashion magazines….Okidoke! Have a happy delusional fantasy! If your individual self-worth depends on it, have a field day, and go nuts!

      • katie says:

        Good points, soundsensitive.

        The billboards is not an accurate indication of how great an artist is. It’s just pure marketing — regardless of the talent. There are a lot of singers who’ve been hailed as some of the world’s best but didn’t sell much. Mariah Carey, for instance, entered in the charts at #80 when she debuted her album, and her album sale was poor until she won the in the grammy. Celine Dion peaked only at #74 with first English album (which was produced by David Foster) and didn’t sell much during the first year.

        Have a good day!

      • belle says:

        Charice and Cristian sang Adagio — Lara Fabian version — but one pitch higher because that’s what the producers wanted, and they digged the performance. Listen to the duet of Lara and Cristian; it didn’t compare to the former.

      • Sorry to break your bubble, but Charice is inferior compared to the likes of Lara. It’s not all about having the highest pitch. It’s about sounding beautifully. Charice, on the contrary, can only offer screaming.

      • soundsendsitive says:

        Sorry Katie, but it took Celine and Mariah a whole ton of albums to recover from the loss of non-entity entries of their debuts before they got their grammys. Celine and Mariah have both something that charice unfortunately doesn’t have…that’s the “IT” factor, and they got their grammys after they had VIDEO HITS, that also is the TREND that makes the ALBUM HITS, they got grammys AFTER the album they sold post debuts sold massive saies and flew in the TOP 10 of the billboard charts.

        SO contrary to your premise, the charts are NOT just marketing they DO count the actual acceptance of the mainstream market, and only reflect how much output and the possibility that a grammy can even be in the picture for the artist!

        As for the “IT factor “is concerned for charice, I understand she recently had some botoxing done, perhaps if she follows what Heidi Montag has done for herself, if that’s just a sign in her marketing habitual preferences (because the pressures of where she’s going will soon come to that). Then perhaps more than just chemical injections to her face will be more to her taste and will be more evident and come in the picture, no pun intended….after all the girl DOTH hope for a grammy and even more indeed! ….ambition is such a demanding MISTRESS…..if not an infectious disease!….anyone mirroring?????

      • katie says:

        “they got grammys AFTER the album they sold post debuts sold massive saies and flew in the TOP 10 of the billboard charts.” — Mariah got the grammy a year after the debut album, despite poor sales. The grammy exposure helped the sales. As for Celine, oh, she had a long struggle. Please do your research.

        As for Charice’s IT factor — I definitely agree with you 🙂

      • katie says:

        And I’d say this again, the quantity of sales does not mean the music is of good quality. If I’d agree to your contention, I would be a huge fan of Justin Bieber or Jonas Brothers or Twilight now.

  34. JD says:

    Life is all about preference. I like Beyonce yet my African friends feel Beyonce can’t sing. Little girls like JB and others like me can’t stand the kids voice. Some people think Avril Lavigne is ugly, I think she is gorgeous. There are those who like this review and there are those who don’t like the review. There is no science to preference. It is all relative. You can’t please everybody. There are those who like Charice and there are those who don’t like Charice. That is fine since everyone is entitled to their own opinions and ideas with the proviso of course that hate is left out of the equation. Fans and non fans need to realize that having an opinion ‘alone’ does NOT guarantee one “respect” especially if that opinion is crude & offensive. At the end of the day, having an opinion doesn’t mean one gets a ‘free pass’ to ignore basic decorum;ergo, hate (from a fan perspective or non fan perspective) should always be left out of the circle.

    As for preferences, variety is the spice of life and in terms of music my ears likes the music of Charice. If the latter equates to a poor taste in music for you… oh well.

  35. soundsensitive says:

    To Katie, maybe you shouldn’t confuse grammy nominations to actual awards, Mariah got 6 grammy nominations after her shortived but profitable Daydream World tour in 1996 which augmented album sales and the nomination but no grammy actual awards at that time, and this was 5 years after her self-titled debut in 1990.

    It was only with The Emancipation of Mimi which is the tenth studio album by Mariah Carey, and was released by Island Records on April 4, 2005. It received generally positive reviews and won a Grammy Award in 2006 for Best Contemporary R&B Album.

    So you yeah, like I said before there were tons of album sales before she got her first grammy, and that it does prove that Mariah’s albums sales were alway vis-a vis with massive video hits to complement them.

    Before the Emancipation of Mimi in 2006 came the self-titled album in 1990, followed by Emotions, Music Box, Merry Christmas, Daydream, Butterfly, Honey, Rainbow, Charmbracelet, various collaboration with Kanye West, Jermain Dupri,etc. With movies such as Glitter, You Don’t Mess With the Zohan (that was really funny)….So yeah…there were several albums BEFORE THE ONE AND ONLY REAL GRAMMY FOR R&B that Mariah won which was 16 YEARS AFTER SHE RELEASED HER SELF-TITLED ALBUM IN 1990.

    So, yeah, why don’t you do the real research! And this time LEARN THE DISTINCTION between nomination and actual awards!

    As for Charice non-existent “IT” factor, in which by her act of botoxing her face she has demonstrated, and that she desperately tries to compensate for, I’m glad you agree to the the OBVIOUS FACT!!

    • katie says:

      You missed the fact that Mariah won as Best New Artist in 1991 which influenced her 1990 debut album sales. That was her first grammy award. We’re probably not on the same page here, but thanks for your research, lol.

      Definitely agree with you on the botox thing. Charice herself is cute (There were videos of her wherein she looked like Kate Hudson — now this is just my opinion). I’d definitely hate her if she gets a boob job like Mariah after five years or try to fix her cute nose next year.

  36. soundsensitive says:

    What’s with the Thermage thing, isn’t that for old-age wrinkles, and with the botox…is that really right? The saddest thing is the role she’s going to play is supposed to be for someone who’s comfortable in her own skin. She’ll be a sad misrepresentation of that role and from that get go and should not even be taken seriously. That’s the biggest turn-off!!!
    But surrendering to image pressures of Hollywood and what maybe just all in her head she could be another Heidi Montag material.

  37. katie says:

    Point taken, but it wasn’t done primarily for cosmetic reasons. Oh right if only all my Hollywood singing idols could stop being conscious about their faces and then maybe I can tell Lea Michele, who by the way is known to be rude and obnoxious on the red carpet and with a big diva-tude, to stop injecting (literally) herself with supplements just because she doesn’t want to eat and do something about her obsession with collagen and tattoos? Enough of this side topic, Katie. Lol.

  38. soundsensitive says:

    Oh yeah right, it was for muscular pain because of too much chewing gum….aha.That really sounds like a real medical reason to get botox. (Dang, I’ve been chewing gum for a gazillion years I don’t feel any muscular pain at all)…Maybe, charice should’ve gone to her dentist it could be a jaw disorder – you know for too much chewing gum! . GOTCHA! So in order to deflect from the topic, we can side step the real reason by deflecting on what other people do (with the Lea Michelle thing) so we miss intentionally what charice is doing to her face, because by comparison it seems really trivial after all, her reason is MEDICAL so that’s justifiable! I gotcha!

    I wonder how Rosenberg spells ‘SUCKER,’ when she tries to think of the audience she’s writing for with her marketing spiels? Particularly, the marketing damage control for the botox faux pas, because the medical reason for muscular pain was nothing short of “monumentally genius’, considering what kind of audience fell for it.

    • katie says:

      So to side step the REAL topic, you had to switch our attention to your rambles about Oprah and Adagio and botox. I am just picking up from your amusing comments.

  39. josh says:

    Omg this discussion doesn`t make sense at all no one can win. As a writer if you want to be respect your own opinion, you should be the good role model for them instead of being one of the hater and says that Charice is a freak no one like to hear that of course, I`m not even a fan of her. What everyone gain after all these discussion an honor. Of course people around the world knows already that desame filipino bites one another like a dog. As for filipino they should proud be already that their own co filipino Charice just broth the honor to their own country or carried the name of the country alll around the world.

    • josh says:

      What I realy mean that all filipino should be proud of her (charice). I think filipino must learn something from Japanese people that they always gave an honor to their own international artist or players. Even they do that to Charice and Japanese people are very glad and being proud about her as one of asian who made it to the top ten BB in America. Filipino how very shameful you`re that you don`t understand this. Instead full of shit and arrogant only what you feel about youselves, you should not forget that the`re many white and black singers who`s until now are struggling to have a lot of record sales in America and some of them are even got jealous to Charice coz she had many influence people around her. & one thing many international singers who happen to realeased their album same as Charice in Japan went plop already, while Charice made it to the top and she got the gold record.. If the economy in Japan is not bad at all, there is possibility that she would get platinum already.

      • First of all, your grammar sucks to the extent that you’re not making any sense anymore.

        Second, I can name a lot of Filipinos who are achieving internationally, and those are the ones that I am proud of.

        Third, it’s good enough I gave her a D instead of an F for FAIL which I normally give nowadays. k? Now, gtfo.

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