Who’s Your Presidential Bet?

Surveys are a bunch of downers that’s either gonna motivate the candidates or let some commoners vote for the frontrunner instead of the one they’re rooting for. Now that the May 10 elections is fast approaching, have you decided which people you’re going to shade their eggs with?

I usually hear people saying that they like Gibo to win, yet they’re voting for Noynoy since he’s leading right now and so that their votes won’t be wasted. What is the point of voting if you’re just going to give it to the most popular one then? What if 2 million people were thinking of the same thing? They could have given Gibo 2 million votes which would probably even overthrow Noynoy’s lead. I’m saying this not just for Gibo, but for all candidates as well. Voting for your bet is a vote used wisely, and going for the popular one is just a waste.

The Presidency is going to be vacated and one of these candidates is going to become the next President of the Philippines. Hopefully, the next president will be able to help this dying country that has lots of potential.

As for me, I have no right to vote since I haven’t reached the legal age yet. I’m still fifteen, but judging from the candidates, I’d go for Gilberto “GIBO” Teodoro.

Of the three front-runners (Aquino, Villar, Erap), I really can’t find someone worthy of anyone’s vote. Noynoy Aquino. What if he weren’t an Aquino? He still hasn’t proved anything. He hasn’t passed any bills that were made laws. Of many years in the Congress and in the Senate, he still hasn’t done anything. How much more if he is seated in the Presidency? The Presidential Seat is not a testing ground to prove someone’s worth. It’s not a beta test, it’s the real deal. We need someone who actually has experience, and not just by plain words. As Manny Pacquiao said, “laban ng laban, wala pa namang nagawa.” Also, have you answered the Hacienda Luisita controversy as well? You’re gonna have People Power if you lose? Talk about cockiness and overconfidence.

ERAP? Please, people voting for this person is a downright idiot. He shouldn’t be able to run anyway. Oh god people, his 3 years as Presidency was a complete failure. He got imprisoned for it and now you want him back?! GAWD! That’s plain stupidity.

Villar? His expenses are to be questioned. How will he be able to get back all the money? Does C5 even ring a bell? 😐

Jamby, Perlas, JC and the others shouldn’t have run. Considering that they don’t have a strong support, they should just lay low and stop their ambitious selves.  Thus, I think we should just have a two-party system so it would be much much more organized.

Personally, I think this should be a Gordon vs. Gibo election. Both are highly capable and have good credentials. Smart people who actually have done something for this country. Gibo, being a Harvard graduate and Gordon who has done lots of projects as a public servant.

That’s just from a fifteen year old’s point of view. How about you? Who’s Your Presidential Bet?


2 thoughts on “Who’s Your Presidential Bet?

  1. Here’s a little Philippine history, as told by my PolSci prof. Most of the candidates who won in the past elections are the ones who are considered “losers” in surveys. A perfect example is FVR. He is the 4th in the surveys and the lead that time is Miriam who has 40+% in the surveys. A recent example is in the case of FPJ and GMA. FPJ is leading in the surveys.

  2. xxxholicwing says:

    Luckily, I’m a registered voter and I’m excited to try out the automation.

    Anyway, I’m still deciding whether I’ll vote Gibo or Gordon. But my gut tells me that I should vote Gibo.

    On regards on Jamby, Perlas and JC, they all have different agendas. Jamby just want to join in order to counter Villar. I remember in an interview, when a reporter ask her with regards to corruption, she stated that whenever she sees corruption, she sees Villar.

    Perlas and JC should start from a smaller position instead. Except that JC just want to abolish political dynasties (ironically, he happens to be the nephew of Gordon) and what I don’t like from this guy is that he’s too idealistic. The man is clearly against the RH Bill and that his platforms are too idealistic.

    Perlas just want to start in a unique way. He never relies on TV ads and other gimiks that most presidential candidates do such as celebrity endorsers and money. But the problem with this guy is that he needs to have more charisma on the masses.

    The other 4 candidates are a bunch of hypocrites most especially Erap.

    @UkiyaSeed: Actually in the case of FPJ and GMA and due to the “Hello Garci” scandal, I wouldn’t say that GMA indeed won in the 2004 elections. She cheated. So surveys in the 2004 don’t apply there. But the most appropriate recent example would be the 2007 elections where Antonio Trillianes got a low score in the surveys and yet, he won a position in the senate.

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