The JEJEMON hype.

I really don’t understand about the sudden Jejemon hype. After many years in the internet, never have I been amazed at such Filipino hype over a particular trend that has existed years ago! There’s only one logical explanation for this. Coining the term Jejemon.

Admit it, the term “jejemon” is amusingly fancy. Saying the word just makes it even funnier. Coming from 2 different terms, jejemon is a contracted form of “jeje,” the typical laugh of a Filipino, more particularly the people they label as “jejemon” and the term “monster” similar to Pokemon (Pocket Monsters) and Digimon (Digital Monsters). They might have labeled them monsters because of how annoying they type. (e.g. gNiiTuHh oWwh,,.!! jEjEjE). Mix both and you get Jejemon.

Two to three years ago, my friends and I used the term “jologs” in naming these people who type in sTiCkY cApS mixed with txtspk. Heck, even someone even made a translator for it and it was named as the jologs-inator. Not a jejemon translator. It’s called a jologs-inator.  No, it did not reach media status since the term jologs didn’t bring much impact as contrasted to the word “jejemon.”

Personally, I’m annoyed at how jejemons type and all, but I’m much more annoyed at the hypocritical “jejebusters.” Jejebusters are a group of people who seek “change” in the world like Grammar and Spelling Nazis and all. What’s more annoying is that they make a big deal about something and it’s as if they’re attitudes are not as annoying as jejemons. It’s like when they encounter a jejemon.. they’re like “DEFCON 4!!! RED ALERT!! JEJEMON DETECTED!! PREPARE WOMD!” Yes, overreacting over a feeble thing. Such fickle-minded people.

Due to the anger of the jejebusters after being told by some sensible people to just get it over with, they have devised a new term called “jejetarians.” I know that it’s getting more idiotic after every minute and every term being introduced. It’s quite pathetic actually that they abhor jejetarians for telling them what’s the right thing to do. Yes, I do belong to the “jejetarians” section, but I’m being reasonable here.

The JEJEMON hype. It exists for it’s term. Solely the term and people all over the world are overreacting with this shiz. If you didn’t join the bandwagon and have hated jejemon since the beginning of your text life (as if you weren’t one), then basically, you just have to ignore them.


5 thoughts on “The JEJEMON hype.

  1. Nade says:


    You had me cracking a laugh on that one.

    As for your entry, I think the Jejebuster Hype is really more annoying than the Jejemon one. It’s amazing to see some jejemons vindicate themselves, saying that they hate the way jejemons text when they, themselves, text that way. It’s like being a jejemon nowadays is a disease, an infection so contagious and fatal that one would rather deny they have / have had it. The word hypocritical is so spot on.

    BTW, are you quite sure that “the typical Filipino laugh” is “jeje”? Adding “more particularly the people they label as ‘jejemon'” doesn’t negate the impression that a Filipino laughs with a “jeje”, which is so not true.


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