Idol Gives Back is back! Yay! That must mean, yes, our idols must sing an inspirational sing and ,as expected,  fail on their attempts. Usually, top 7 is the week where the worst contestant gets eliminated (e.g. Sanjaya Malakar, Kristy Lee Cook) and let’s see if that’s what happened to Tim Urban.

Casey James starts off with a generic performance of Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow. Enough with Guitar play. This ain’t Guitar Hero. Ranking: 6th

Lee DeWyze gives his rendition of The Boxer. OVERPRAISED by the judges. Yes, nothing was special about that performance and those la-las were annoying. Ranking: 5th

Tim Urban gets Better Days. Ironically, this was another bad performance coming from Tefton. Ranking: 7th

Aaron Kelly takes on R. Kelly with I Believe I Can Fly. Flat on most notes, and barely ear-friendly. Another country twang appearance. I somehow liked it. Ranking: 3rd

Siobhan Magnus takes on a diva duet with When You Believe. Technically, it was a great vocal performance. She was clearly underpraised. She didn’t deserve those bad comments and she somehow needed some praising for her vocals. Ranking: 2nd.

Michael Lynche sings Spiderman’s Hero. It was good. Nothing exceptional. Ranking: 4th

While reviewing this, the only thing I could ever remember was Crystal Bowersox and her rendition of People Get Ready. Another good performance from Crystal! Ranking: 1st.

Judge the rankings and you know my bottom 3,


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