A Featured YouTube Video

Normally, I don’t do features on YouTube videos but this one is really different. It shows how Lady Gaga can affect and influence billions of people worldwide – causing them to post choreography videos, covers being videoed, and parodies of her music videos .

Speaking of parodies, there are countless ones on YouTube. Some videos are just too plain corny, some just go over the top and don’t make sense. This video I found, however, is different and I found it highly entertaining and funny.

About the video:

This is the official music video parody of Mayaman University entitled “Telephone” (originally performed by Lady Gaga feat. Beyonce) starring Lady Gagita feat. Benzonce with the special participation of Tom Gibson and other Mayaman University talents uploaded this 18th day of April, 2010.

A Filipino production having low-budget editing and preparations. Amazing! Totally hilarious! A+! WIN! Kudos to Lady Gagita and Benzonce/Haronce!

This is what I call Philippine Pride!

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