(Featured Artist) Where’s Jamie Kimmett Supposed To Be?

Jamie Kimmett

From the 10 Things I Hate About You television series, the episode where Bianca Stratford and Cameron James dance the night away in the Fall fling (Dance Little Sister), comes this awesome track from Jamie Kimmett entitled Where I’m Supposed to Be. Upon hearing the song, my common reactions were like.. “This sounds somewhat like Jason Mraz, but then there’s more huskiness in it. I can’t say it’s like James Morrison’s since Morrison’s huskier than the voice in this song. Can’t say it’s John Mayer since this has quite a bit more life in it.” It was a different artist. It was Jamie Kimmett. A singer whose songs I’m beginning to like. Thank goodness my friend Kenneth told me about his quest in finding about this song. Haha!

After giving out those descriptions, here’s what I can say about Jamie and maybe yet this song. It’s a less soulful husky James Morrison, but a more lively Mayer with more or less the same energy of Jason Mraz. Coming from his MySpace profile, here’s what’s on his Biography

“Blending elements of blue eyed soul with contemporary sounds, Jamie Kimmett is truly a unique artist from the west coast of Scotland. Jamie is blessed with a voice of genuine sensitivity and soulful intensity.”

Jamie Kimmett is a Scottish singer-songwriter from Scotland, United Kingdom. His songs, Plaything and Where I’m Supposed to Be, were featured in the American TV Series 10 Things I Hate About You. Speaking of the latter, it’s becoming one of my favorite tunes and I keep on repeating this one on my iPod Touch.

Where I’m Supposed to Be is another one of those singer-songwriter tunes which is totally lovable in a sense that you’d want to sing this one on times when you’re chilling out with your group. It has a relaxing tune that’s even better on acoustic.

Listen to Where I’m Supposed to Be here:

4 thoughts on “(Featured Artist) Where’s Jamie Kimmett Supposed To Be?

    • Brian Kimmett says:

      Ok dudes this is true I am Jamie Kimmets Dad ..and watch this space Jamie has not gone under the radar .He is still actitive and determined as ever to let the world know who he is ! it’s 27/11/12 tonight in Scotland. I have believed in Jamie all of my life and his 25 years so…the cause has not halted! It has barely begun…Brian Kimmett!!!!

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