The Top 9 (Redux) bring Elvis Back

With last year’s runner-up as their mentor, The Top 9 sing some Elvis Presley tunes. I’m super disappointed with the results. Screw DOUBLE ELIMINATION NIGHT. Here’s the rundown since I’m too lazy to describe them

Crystal Bowersox ,with Saved, started the show. Another good vocal from Crystal. Same thing as always though. Rating: A-

Andrew Garcia sings Hound Dog in a mediocre manner. Sigh. No more Forever or Straight Up. =.= Rating: D

Aaron Kelly picks an uptempo song and sings Blue Suede Shoes. A fresh thing from Aaron. Kinda liked it. Lacked a bit of soul/energy though. Rating: B

Siobhan Magnus sings an awkward Superstitious Minds. My god, Siobhan. Bring the game up. You’re the only one who could step up. Rating: B+

Michael Lynche. I totally did not think that the save was right. You’re still as cocky as ever and I totally do not dig your RnB tunes, and I would surely not check you out on iTunes. Rating: C

Tim Urban takes the show with Can’t Help Falling in Love. I gotta say the guy is improving. Rating: B-

Lee DeWyze sings A Little Less Conversation. Not a fan. Sorry Lee fans. Rating: B-

Katie Stevens goes with a messages for the judges Baby, Whaddya Want Me to Do. Fierce performance. I love it. This girl is definitely having the pipes. Rating: A-

Closing the show is Casey James with Lawdy Miss Clawdy. Not as spectacular as Jealous Guy but was bearable. Rating: B-

Who should go home? Andrew and Tim.

Who went home? Andrew and Katie.



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