The Top 9 sing something from the Lennon/McCartney songbook

This week, the Top 9 of American Idol sang songs from John Lennon and Paul McCartney! We have a video of Paul giving the contestants some boost-up’s. Miraculously, this week was one of those weeks which we could all totally love. There were only a couple of mediocre performances (i.e. Aaron Kelly and Andrew Garcia)and the rest were all good. We see an ‘in-loving-memory-of-didi-benami’ and that’s all we see from her. Hey Look! It’s Lacey Brown on the audience beside the BONES cast. It’s so nice to see her again. Lots of surprises this week – especially with the instruments and of course, Tim Urban! Did Ryan Seacrest just tell ever Idol watcher that Andrew Garcia has acquired over 132 million votes throughout the competition? Argh. That’s so not fair.
Aaron Kelly opens the show with an Archuleta-esque The Long and Winding Road. Here’s the thing. First spot is death spot. That performance was dreadfully boring, so that’s two times the danger. Hopefully, his teen-girl vote would keep him in this competition. However, I shout ‘automatic bottom 3’ to this guy. Rating: F!

Another teenager follows with Let It Be and it’s Katie Stevens. Katie brings in her best performance to date. Simon, that was Pop/RnB, not country. What in the world is wrong with your ears?  I still prefer Brooke’s version and Jennifer Hudson’s, but not Kris’s. That Katie version was totally a great performance. I wish she played the piano, though. I can now see the girl grow and blossom. Rating: A-

Andrew Garcia gave a disastrous performance with Can’t Buy Me Love. Sorry, not digging it. Right now, I really want you to go. Rating: F!

Michael Lynche followed with Eleanor Rigby. I loved David Cook’s version of this, and Mike’s was just like an inferior version of Cook’s. Not so ecstatic with the vocals. Lacked something. Still a good performance though. Rating: B-

Crystal Bowersox was quirky and fun with that Come Together song. I like how she had a different side and how she brought out the didgeridoo. Some slurs with the lyrics and I still preferred Carly Smithson’s. Carly > Crystal > Kris. I still liked her performance though. Rating: B+

After disastrous weeks, Tim Urban finally found a way to make his performance look and sound bearable with All My Loving. Suited his hair, his voice, but still a so-so performance. Randy was right-on, though. Rating: C

With Jealous Guy, Casey James gave his best performance and the best performance of the night. That was outstanding. Rating: A

Siobhan Magnus toned down with Across The Universe. A little bit boring and sleepy, but those falsettos and high notes were good. No shrieking, just that voice. Rating: B+

LeeDeWyze brought yet another wacky instrument for his Hey Jude performance. Bagpipes! Hey Jude was forgettable, and there were so much anti-climactic parts. ARGH! Not a fan. A bit so-so. Rating: B

Bottom 3? Tim, Andrew, Aaron

Actual Bottom 3? Andrew, Aaron and Mike

Who Should Go Home? Andrew

Who Really Went Home? Michael Lynche SAVED!


DARN IT! I have to write lengthy reviews again next week just because he’s saved. >_> I still think though it’s a bit early for the save and the contestants weren’t really ecstatic and concerned except for the Crystal sob.

“i’m so happy they can be together, get married and have danny gokey babies” -crystal bowersox on lee & andrew


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