Adam Carolla on Philippines – Thoughts.

Initially, when a podcaster or a commentator from another country takes on a country like the Philippines, it’s actually normal to hear negative feedbacks from Filipinos. It’s, again, normal to see me agreeing with some of the commentators’ statements, but not entirely.

Well, in a country chasing international success, I guess Pacquiao’s just the best thing the Philippines has. I seriously can’t blame Adam Carolla for his statements. Removing some ‘below-the-belt’ statements, he sure has a point. Manny Pacquiao sure is the only thing going around the Philippines. It keeps cinemas and hotels booked on their guest rooms and pay-per-views.

Yeah, there really isn’t anything else going on with this country when it’s centralizing on Manny Pacquiao. Moreover, it’s helping the country for it’s reducing the crime rate. But still, it affirms the first idea in this paragraph. I mean, seriously, do we have someone else? I guess not. It may be because we lack government support for our athletes.

When Pacquiao loses, our country surely won’t go into a depression state. Remember Erik Morales? Just a bit of disappointment, but like any other news – it dies. Besides, it’s a betting thing. People who bet for Manny’s opponent would surely be happy.

Carolla was spot on on that illiterate guy who only knows how to smash heads thing with regards to Pacquiao. He runs into office and that’s about it. However, he failed to mention that he didn’t win a government post. Remember last elections? Manny lost. That would mean that the people still have brains in them.

Philippines? A country of sex slaves? Partly true, partly not. The Philippines is not entirely made up of sex slaves. Though prostitution is prevalent in most redlight districts, it’s still illegal here unlike other countries which are legalizing it (i.e. Netherlands). However, there are Filipinos, both men and women, who become call-boys and call-girls for foreigners. Some are even going to Japan to become japayukis . That’s reasoning by induction used by Adam Carolla.

My problem about the Philippines is, that it became so hypocritical when it comes to racial slurs and discrimination. Why? I hear many negative reactions and sarcastic remarks with regards to black-skinned people – often calling them with vernacular terms such as uling, poso negro, eyeliner, stuffs like that. They also call some male K-Pop artists as lesbians. Now that they got their own taste of medicine, they suddenly became so offended. As if you don’t do that yourselves.

Here’s the Adam Carolla podcast vid.


7 thoughts on “Adam Carolla on Philippines – Thoughts.

  1. Spot-on commentary. Very well-said. There is no denying though that Manny Pacquiao is one of the greatest boxers of all time. It sucks that other athletes are not getting support. Hence, we might not have any successful future stars at all.

  2. xxxholic_wing says:

    Filipino are known to be oversensitive (pikon). which is why “ang pikon, talo”.

    Well, for Manny, he didn’t even bother it since he knows that Carolla is a comedian.

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