A.I. Top 10 got some SOUL

I just gotta say.. This season has been dreadfully boring, and I think the guys deserve to go home immediately rather than the girls.  With Usher on the mentor thing that week, I was hoping for some good performances. Apparently, I only got satisfactory ones. Well, their talent would grow… Hopefully. Usher? I’m still impartial about him especially after taking that Bieber kid. Ugh. Now for the contestants..

Kicking the show first is Siobhan Magnus singing the Chaka Khan hit Through The Fire. If you knew Siobhan’s vocals, she could have easily tackled this song, but apparently, this wasn’t the case. There were a few good moments though. However, She was all over the place and off key. Totally awful and disappointing. Rating: C

Following Siobhan is Casey James with Hold On, I’m Coming. I’m getting tired with the guitar thing, Casey. Lay it off. Go back to Heaven which you actually sounded great.  This ain’t guitar hero competition. It’s American Idol. You have a nice voice though, which comes on to a waste. More on vocals please. Rating: B-

Michael Lynche goes third with Ready for Love. Though some of you may dig it, I didn’t. Yeah, that was a magnificent vocal. However, isn’t the soul act getting old already? Your real Soul/RnB moment was that Maxwell song. Try something else please. RISK. Rating: B-

What’s Become of the Brokenhearted is what Didi Benami chose. It was terribly awful. Words aren’t enough to describe it. Argh. Emotions? LOL. Rating: D

Tim Urban sings Sweet Love by Anita Baker. I don’t wanna comment on this one anymore. Rating: F!

Andrew Garcia goes with Chris Brown’s Forever. Still not spectacular or something. I still think he’s dreadfully boring and lifeless. I’d rather see his mother who has loads of personality. Rating: D

Taking an Aretha song is Katie Stevens with Chain of Fools. She actually sounds great and is bearable to listen. I just don’t get the judges saying be young and all. After those indulgent and loungy performances, this is a breath of fresh air. Shut with the country Simon. Rating: B+

Lee DeWyze goes next with Treat Her Like a Lady. I have to say. PERFORMANCE OF THE NIGHT. Rating: A

Frontrunner Crystal Bowersox gets to pick Gladys Knight’s Midnight Train to Georgia. Not a fan of the Piano. Love the new look. Was quite all over the place. Rating: B

Aaron Kelly closes the show with Ain’t No Sunshine. SNOOZEFEST. Get some emotion, boy. Rating: B-

My Bottom 3? Tim, Didi and Andrew

Actual BOTTOM 3? Tim, Didi and Katie

Who Should go Home? TIM

Who went home? DIDI.

Sad at how these results turned out.

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