Idol Gives Back is back! Yay! That must mean, yes, our idols must sing an inspirational sing and ,as expected,  fail on their attempts. Usually, top 7 is the week where the worst contestant gets eliminated (e.g. Sanjaya Malakar, Kristy Lee Cook) and let’s see if that’s what happened to Tim Urban.
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A Featured YouTube Video

Normally, I don’t do features on YouTube videos but this one is really different. It shows how Lady Gaga can affect and influence billions of people worldwide – causing them to post choreography videos, covers being videoed, and parodies of her music videos .
See the video here

(Featured Artist) Where’s Jamie Kimmett Supposed To Be?

Jamie Kimmett

From the 10 Things I Hate About You television series, the episode where Bianca Stratford and Cameron James dance the night away in the Fall fling (Dance Little Sister), comes this awesome track from Jamie Kimmett entitled Where I’m Supposed to Be. Upon hearing the song, my common reactions were like.. “This sounds somewhat like Jason Mraz, but then there’s more huskiness in it. I can’t say it’s like James Morrison’s since Morrison’s huskier than the voice in this song. Can’t say it’s John Mayer since this has quite a bit more life in it.” It was a different artist. It was Jamie Kimmett. A singer whose songs I’m beginning to like. Thank goodness my friend Kenneth told me about his quest in finding about this song. Haha!
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The Top 9 sing something from the Lennon/McCartney songbook

This week, the Top 9 of American Idol sang songs from John Lennon and Paul McCartney! We have a video of Paul giving the contestants some boost-up’s. Miraculously, this week was one of those weeks which we could all totally love. There were only a couple of mediocre performances (i.e. Aaron Kelly and Andrew Garcia)and the rest were all good. We see an ‘in-loving-memory-of-didi-benami’ and that’s all we see from her. Hey Look! It’s Lacey Brown on the audience beside the BONES cast. It’s so nice to see her again. Lots of surprises this week – especially with the instruments and of course, Tim Urban! Did Ryan Seacrest just tell ever Idol watcher that Andrew Garcia has acquired over 132 million votes throughout the competition? Argh. That’s so not fair. Continue reading

A.I. Top 10 got some SOUL

I just gotta say.. This season has been dreadfully boring, and I think the guys deserve to go home immediately rather than the girls.  With Usher on the mentor thing that week, I was hoping for some good performances. Apparently, I only got satisfactory ones. Well, their talent would grow… Hopefully. Usher? I’m still impartial about him especially after taking that Bieber kid. Ugh. Now for the contestants..
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