American Idol Top 11 Takes Billboard #1s!

AI Season 9’s Top 11 took on Billboard No. 1 Hits. Looks like this week was the first week that the contestants had a mentor. Usually, mentors are like super amazing since they have the experience and shiz, but this one’s different. It’s – SURPRISE! – Miley Cyrus. The Disney zit who can’t sing a damn note.  She pretty much gives every contestant the usual advice a generic teacher can give. A terrible mentor can result to the most terrible episode yet! To think that this week is an important week if they wanna join the Summer Tour! Clearly, all of them gave mediocre performances. Well? What do you expect? Miley Cyrus mentored them. Clearly, she made all these contestants like her – a trainwreck. Miley Cyrus made this episode of Idol the most VFTW! Worthy. Thus, VFTW bows down to Queen Miley.

LeeDeWyze sings The Letter. As a Carly and Michael fan, I just can’t help but compare this inferior version to theirs. Well, it was pretty much a boring performance. The nerves were there as usual. Rating: B-

Second comes Paige Miles who sings the worst performance yet this season. She sings that song Against All Odds in which everyone has failed to sing properly. She’s clearly off-key. My god. Words aren’t enough to describe the awfulness of this song. Rating: F!

After that trainwreck was Tim Urban who will obviously have another horrendous performance with that Crazy Little Thing Called Love song. Wow! I was right! Rating: F!

Two terrible performances and there goes Aaron Kelly singing that Armageddon song I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing. Yeah, this song is seriously not missing an Idol Season. Someone ban this song already. It’s like when teenagers sing this, they get praised. I mean What the EFF? That was FLAT. Rating: C

Time for Simon Cowell’s anointed child Crystal Bowersox. I’m telling you, this woman was surely not on her zone, and I don’t know what the judges were listening to. She’s still the same and the high notes had some sort of hesitation which didn’t work out. It was pain in the ear. Rating: B

Next comes Big Michael Lynche with another obvious song choice since he surely can’t sing anything else and he still wants to see Kara cry for another time. When a Man Loves a Woman seriously has the same tone or mood with the other songs he’s done during Semifinal week or the weeks before. BOOOOORING. :yawn: Rating: C

Andrew Garcia goes on stage with I Heard It Through the Grapevine. Finally! Simon Cowell said that they overrated that Straight Up performance of his. It took you 5 weeks to notice that, huh? Andrew was again all over the place. Looks like losing the guitar was his fear and he wasn’t really at ease. Rating: D

Another overrated contestant but slammed by the judges during the live shows is Katie Stevens. Finally, she took a younger song by singing Big Girls Don’t Cry. I actually liked it. Though there were some parts that she didn’t reach. No Simon, she’s not country material. That was Haeley Vaughn. Rating: B

Casey James seems to be the only one doing a good performance with his Power of Love performance. Certainly a rock vibe here and I’m loving Casey’s tone with the song. Clearly, the best of the night. Shut up Simon. Rating: B+

Didi Benami sings You’re No Good which I also found very ironic since she’s no good at all. It was strainy, screechy. I don’t know. Well, I have to give her props for talking back to the judges. That hit them in the gutter!  It’s not only you who don’t know what they want. Rating: C

Closing the show is Siobhan Magnus with Superstition. It was still a good vocal until the offkey high notes came.Amazing yet off-key. Female Lambert. Save the Glassblower. Rating: B-

DAMN! They should ban Miley Cyrus off of Idol. Clearly, she made a mess off of this show. Ugh,

Bottom 3? Tim Urban, Paige Miles and Andrew Garcia

Actual Bottom 3? Tim, Paige and Katie

Who should go home? Tim Urban.

Who went home? Paige Miles.


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