American Idol Top 12 – STONED!

The Top 12 finalists of the hit reality show American Idol (Season 9) took on one of the greatest bands of all time – The Rolling Stones!

The remaining contestants should give justice to the unworthy eliminated ones (i.e. Katelyn Epperly, Alex Lambert and Lilly Scott.) Kudos to Crystal Bowersox for giving a tribute to our fallen angel who could have had awesome studio recordings, Lilly Scott. To sum it all up, the episode was boring if not for two performers – Siobhan Magnus and Crystal Bowersox. The else were pretty much STONED

Opening the show was Michael Lynche, singing Miss You. It was a great show opener. He worked the stage well, and I really didn’t think he was that corny. Great vocals, but not as great as the previous week.  Rating: B

Second was Didi Benami with the song Play With Fire. I wasn’t really into Didi until now. She showed a totally different side – somewhat dark. She showed some range albeit a bit flat in parts. A good improvement though. Good interpretation. Rating: B+

Following her was Casey James with It’s All Over Now. The country rock thing paid off. Love the guitar thing which I first loved during that Gavin performance the other week. So-so vocals though. Rating: B-

With Ruby Tuesday, Lacey Brown delivered another cool performance. The string quartets with those intimate vocals made the performance look classy.  Ruby hair on a Tuesday night. Nice take on the song. Rating: B+

Performing next was Andrew Garcia singing Gimme Shelter. He peaked too early. It was certainly all over the place. Not the thing I wanted to hear, but at least it was different. Rating: C

Speaking of peaking too early, Katie Stevens is another one. Look, the judges failed to give her great advice during Hollywood Week – unlike Siobhan. Singing Wild Horses was just okay. It’s from a ‘Simon Cowell pet’ song and it was just so-so. Flat in some parts, but definitely better than before. Rating: B-

I actually mistook Tim Urban for some guy who’s a spoof on the audition nights since I wasn’t really looking on TV at first during his performance. Yes, he sucked that badly. You’re Under My Thumb. VFTW! Rating: F!

Siobhan Magnus managed to amaze me with the impressive vocals on her Paint it Black performance. She looked stunning and gorgeous. Impressive high notes (just needed a bit polishing though). Some low-notes there too. Don’t drop the Adam bomb, Kara. t(-_-t) Dramatic, awesome interpretation, awesome notes. ROCK ON SIOBHAN!! \m/ Rating: A

Beast of Burden certainly proved to be the right song choice for Lee DeWyze; however, there were parts where it was just too low for him. Nevertheless, I liked it. (Hint: Listen to the Studio Version and you’d just be amazed) Rating: B+

Paige Miles delivers a modified version due to the gender reference song entitled Honky Tonk Women. I liked the vocal not because of that laryngitis issue, but because she unleashed a part of her large vocal range. I just don’t like all the curls and all. Rating: B-

Eleventh, Aaron Kelly was expected to fail since the song Angie sounded a wee bit old for his age. However, it wasn’t the result though. It sounded great and for the first time, it was a good vocal. Rating: B

Closing the show, Crystal Bowersox delivers the song You Can’t Always Get What You Want. All I was thinking was GLEE! Haha! Great phrasing. Finally, Simon told her that she was beaten by Siobhan. That should push Crystal more. She’s not my type of artist, but she’s good. Rating: A-

Bottom 3? Tim Urban, Andrew Garcia, Katie Stevens

Who should go home? Tim Urban

Who went home? Lacey Brown.

America got it wrong this time. Lacey has a good studio recording voice unlike those 3.  Sigh. 😦

Side note: Ke$ha was horrible. I knew it. She, singing live, is just not right. Orianthi. \m/ David Cook was the bridge.


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